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 Thumb   Description   Linked to   Last Modified 
Melvin L. Reynolds
Melvin L. Reynolds
  21 Sep 2020


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George T Reynolds-Obit
George T Reynolds-Obit
Midland Journal
Jul 3, 1936 
  23 Sep 2020
Martha J Scotten-Obit
Martha J Scotten-Obit
The News Journal
Apr 2, 1951 
  23 Sep 2020
Richard Dean Scotten-Obit
Richard Dean Scotten-Obit
The Midland Journal
Dec 29, 1922 
  23 Sep 2020
Death Certificate
Death Certificate
  23 Sep 2020
Death Certificate of Richard's mother Rebecca Dean Scotten
Death Certificate of Richard's mother Rebecca Dean Scotten
  22 Sep 2020
John W Reynolds-Obit
John W Reynolds-Obit
Richmond Daily Register
Apr 7, 1921 
  22 Sep 2020
Melvin Reynolds-Death Notice
Melvin Reynolds-Death Notice
Interior Journal
Mar 23, 1917 
  22 Sep 2020
Death Certificate
Death Certificate
  21 Sep 2020
Charles Alonzo Bothell-Obit
Charles Alonzo Bothell-Obit
Altoona Tribune
Dec 10, 1937 
  18 Sep 2020
Annie Elizabeth Hall-Obit
Annie Elizabeth Hall-Obit
The Midland Journal
Jul 3, 1931 
  18 Sep 2020


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Neely Orgins
Chapter 8
Neelys in Virginia
Neely Orgins Chapter 8 Neelys in Virginia
66 Page Acrobat File
  20 Sep 2020


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Reynolds, George T. 
b. 26 Sep 1850  North East, Maryland  23 Sep 2020
Reynolds, Martha Jane 
b. 31 Dec 1864  North East, Maryland  23 Sep 2020
Scotten, Richard Dean 
b. 29 Sep 1866  Cecil County, Maryland  23 Sep 2020
Neeley/ Neely/Nealey, John 'of Cumber' 
b. Est 1620-5  Chichester Estate, Ulster, County Tyrone, Ireland  23 Sep 2020
Neeley/ Neely/Nealey, Nancy 
b. 1615  Donegal, County Donegal, Ireland  23 Sep 2020
Neely/Nealey, Nancy 
b. 1637  County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland  23 Sep 2020
Reynolds, John Wesley [Goin] 
b. 1833  Jessamine Co., Kentucky  22 Sep 2020
Reynolds, Melvin Lowry 
b. 16 Oct 1856  Jessamine County, Kentucky  22 Sep 2020
Reynolds, Thomas 'Episcopal' Sr. 
b. Est 1695  Colonial Maryland  21 Sep 2020
Baker, Frances 
b. Est 1835  Likely Kentucky  20 Sep 2020
Goin, Patsy, Martha 
b. Est 1801  Prob. Kentucky  20 Sep 2020
Reynolds, Henry A. 
b. 1801  Garrard County, Kentucky  20 Sep 2020
Reynolds, Rachael 
b. Est 1775  Rutherford Co., N. Carolina  20 Sep 2020
Jones, Mariah 
b. 1797  Kentucky  20 Sep 2020
Reynolds, Willis 
b. 1801  Kentucky  20 Sep 2020

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I22645  John 'of Cumber' Neeley/ Neely/Nealey  I22646  Nancy Neeley/ Neely/Nealey    23 Sep 2020
 I21796  John Henry Patton  I21797  Nancy Neely/Nealey    23 Sep 2020
 I3812  Thomas 'Episcopal' Reynolds, Sr.  I3813  Mary Margaret Lewis    21 Sep 2020
 I22642  John Wesley [Goin] Reynolds  I22643  Frances Baker  19 Oct 1853  20 Sep 2020
 I22640  Henry A. Reynolds  I22641  Patsy, Martha Goin  18 Dec 1826  20 Sep 2020
 I22598  Henry A. Reynolds  I22599  Elizabeth Willis  25 Nov 1797  20 Sep 2020
 I22605  Joseph Jones  I22602  Rachael Reynolds  25 Mar 1799  20 Sep 2020
 I22638  Willis Reynolds  I22639  Mariah Jones  9 Jan 1828  20 Sep 2020
 I22630  Pvt. Thomas [Magaw] Reynolds  I22631  Catherine Willis  27 Oct 1800  20 Sep 2020
 I1923  Joseph M. Reynolds  I4387  Nancy Ford  26 Jul 1803  20 Sep 2020
 I22620  Henry [Titterbeam] Reynolds  I22621  Susannah Teater    18 Sep 2020
 I8263  John Reynolds  I8264  Mary Magaw  1729  18 Sep 2020
 I17950  George of Green Castle Antrim Reynolds  I17951  Sarah, Mrs. George Reynolds    18 Sep 2020
 I3858  William [Magaw] Reynolds  I3859  Mary/Margaret Williamson    18 Sep 2020
 I16337  Thomas Anderson  I17527  Frances Jones  29 Mar 1754  18 Sep 2020