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Temperance Bailey/Bayley

Temperance Bailey/Bayley[1, 2, 3]

Female Est 1618 - Abt 1651  (~ 33 years)

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  • Name Temperance Bailey/Bayley 
    • After King James of Scotland mounted the English throne, he gave his approval for attempts to be made to colonize the New World, and granted charters to the newly organized London Company. The London Company offered each subscriber who would pay twelve pounds and twelve shillings the following: "Lord of 200 acres of land which would be given to him and his heirs forever." Several members of the Bailey family held large shares in this company. The fact that Temperance Bailey, at age 3, had 200 acres of land in her name, might have been her inheritance from her deceased father. Patent to Temperance Bailey, Sept. 20, 1620. The land of John Rolfe and Pocahontas, on the south side of the James River, bordered that of Samuel Jordan, Temperance Baley (Bailey), and Capt. Woodleif in 1620.
    Born Est 1618  Jamestown, James City, Virginia Colony Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Female 
    Died Abt 1651  Bremo, Henrico Co., Virginia Colony Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I5223  My Reynolds Line
    Last Modified 4 Jan 2021 

    Father Thomas Bailey/Baley,   b. Est 1618, Prob. England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Mother Cecily Phippen Reynolds,   b. Abt 1600, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 12 Sep 1660, Charles City, Virginia Colony Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 60 years) 
    • # 5 Abraham Bailey
      Donna Beers July 2004
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      Descendants of Abraham Bailey,Sr
      Generation No. 1
      1. Abraham1 Bailey,Sr was born Abt. 1654 in Eng, and died Abt. 1713 in Henrico Co, VA. He married ?
      Rogers Abt. 1684 in Henrico Co, VA.
      Notes for Abraham Bailey,Sr:
      #5 updated Apr 2004
      Compiled by Donna Beers (Bailey database) 453 NW 171 Rd, Warrensburg, MO 64093

      It has never been proven that Abraham is a son of Arthur Bailey (db)
      inv. 1713 Wills, Henrico Co,VA (Torrence)
      Arrived in America 1678
      Following from "Andrew Bailey, Jr's Chronicles" Pfafftown, NC; Eunilee Leath & Frank Bailey, 1989.
      Andrew Jr states about Abraham:
      About the year 16_ a ship from England was sailing for America; a storm arose and sunk the ship and a stalwart
      young man swam ashore with his shoe maker tools wrapped in a leather apron and lashed to the back of his neck
      and he might have been seen wending his way up the north side of the James River to within six miles of shock
      Hills, where Richmond now stands - -------- This English shoemaker was old Abraham Bailey, as my father used
      to call him----.
      Another interesting document does the same thing as Andrew but only from Abraham Bailey to Roger Cocke
      Bailey. Abraham Bailey and William Bailey were both known about by Peter Bailey, and apparently he
      considered both of them to be kinfolk. Peter Cocke Bailey considered Abraham Bailey to be the one he
      descended from. The fact that he singled Abraham out as the one he descended from seems to exclude William as
      being direct lineage. (See Peter Bailey's Revolution War Pension Request page 20- this bk)
      ABRAHAM BAILEY (Sr.) died ca 1713 (Inventory, Cockes and Cousins, Vol. II, p. 8). Cavaliers, Vol. II, p.
      325, states, "Mr. Thomas Peren, 140 acres Henrico Co. in Verina Par. on N side of James Riv. 20 Oct. 1688, p.
      666. Adj. Mr. Richard Peren; and Abraham Bayly; on Cornelius Creek; to Wm. Giles (Gyles); & Thomas Bayly.
      Trans of 3 pers. Thomas Mortin (or Martin), Jonathan Bayly, Wm. Jesop." Page 326: "Mr. Abraham Bayly 142
      acres Henrico Co. in Verina Par. on N side of James Riv. called Mount Peloim (or Pelom); of Oct 1688, p.
      667. Beg. nigh the going over of Cornelius Creek; to Mr. Burton; on head of Holly Br. Trans of 3 pers: Jno Good,
      Mary & Frank_______
      Page 363: "William Glover 217 acs. Henrico Co. N side of James Riv. 28 Apr 1691, p.
      160 ... adi. William Ballue & land of Abraham Bayley."
      Abraham Bailey had at least one child: Abraham Bailey, Jr.
      (Cockes and Cousins, Vol. II, P. 8
      ABRAHAM BAILEY (Jr.) was born ca 1694, died after 1774, and was named in the Revolutionary War pension
      application of his grandson, Peter Cock Bailey. He married Temperance Cocke prior to 1720. She was born ca
      Colonial Wills of Henrico County, Virginia. Pt. One, 1654-1737. Benjamin B. Weisiger III.
      [Va St Lib. Henrico County Records - Reel # 6 - [Wills, Deeds] 1710-1714. Pt 1. Original. pg. 233.]
      "The Inventory and Appraisal of the Estate of Abraham Bayly dec'd taken this 7th of 9ber? [September?] 1713."
      To 2 Cows and a Calf...And a Old horse...
      To a Mare and Colt... Nine hogs and four pigs...
      To five sheep... some old tools and old iron...
      To a gun... and three Iron pots...
      To 2 pot Racks... and a pair of Stilards...
      To a pail tub and stool... and 7 lb. of wool
      To 32 pound of old puter and six How? Spoouts?
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      To 17 pounds of thread... a Sack Bag ...
      To 7 pounds of tallow... and 2 old bedd and bedsted...
      To about 25 barols of Corn... 1 saw? and 7 tan'd hides...
      To 4 Slays, Loom and harness... and 2 old chests...
      To about two bushels and half of peas and 3 cocks...
      To 27 2/3 pence? peices? in Money...
      Total value of inventory: 34: 13: 3
      Appraised by JOHN STEWART, Rene Laforce, William Cocke, Thomas Bayly.
      HENRICO CO., VA.
      FILM #1697555 ITEM #9
      On File with the Family History Library
      85 West South Temple St.
      Salt Lake City, Utah 84105
      Deed #65 pg 196
      2 Mar 1712: Abraham BAILEY , of Varina Parish, Henrico Co., Virginia, to Arthur MOSELEY, of same, for 10
      shillings, land on north side of James River on east side of Cornelius Creek, above the Main Road acre.
      Witnesses: Walter SCOTT, Edward OSBORN Signed: Abraham BAILEY Recorded: 2 Mar 1712.
      Source: 26732 Cash Court, Leesburg, FL 34784,, Maberon Meadows.
      Source: Benjamin B. Weisiger III, Colonial Wills of Henrico Co. VA, Part 1,
      1677-1737, 92
      Child of Abraham Bailey and ? Rogers is:
      + 2 i. Abraham2 Bailey,Jr, born Abt. 1684 in Henrico Co, VA; died Abt. 1774 in Henrico Co, VA.
      Generation No. 2
      2. Abraham2 Bailey,Jr (Abraham1) was born Abt. 1684 in Henrico Co, VA, and died Abt. 1774 in Henrico
      Co, VA. He married Temperance Cockes Bef. 1700 in Henrico Co, VA, daughter of William Cocke and Sarah
      Perrin. She was born in Henrico Co, VA.
      Notes for Abraham Bailey,Jr:
      Shephard Hamner Patton,SR/19295 Highway 53/Gulfport,MS 39503 fs-aug95
      Scott Dickson--12275 Magnolia Cresent Dr--Roswell, GA 30075
      John Culbertson
      from the files of John Bailey <>
      1745, 3 June==Henrico Co. Dd Bk 1737 TO 1750. pg 160.
      Peter Randolph of Varian Parish, Henrico Co, Esq. to Matthew Herbert of
      same, planter. For 3,600 lbs tobacco. 404 acres in sd parish. Land was
      Granted to Samuel Bridgewater 20 Apr 1687 and by him sold to Richard Parker,
      and by him to William Soane, and by him to Allison Clark, and by him to
      Wm Randolph, Esq., and by him given to Peter Randolph by deed 4 Aug 1740.
      No wit: Rec: 3 June 1746.
      1747/48, 5 Mar==Patent Bk 26, p 225
      ABRAHAM BAILEY, 450 a - Henrico Co along Almonds Creek; adj HERBERT, Cocke,
      Col Randolph, Henry Cox, Mayo & Alday - 5 Mar 1747/8 - PB 26:225. CP 5:247.
      Abraham Baily
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      TYPE: Patent - mos XHWHIT Date: 5 Mar 1747 ref [Patent Book 26:225-1] to 9) Abra Baily, 45s, 450 acres
      contract 45s Ref: 450 acres Henrico/Survey lineonds Creek (Herbert & Randolph loc 18843 -23957 F127 L0
      P255 - Point A) Henrico/Survey lineonds Creek (Herbert & Randolph. 0. Heberts Corner line S61W; 14 poles -
      Point B) 1. Cockes Corner shrub oak line N80W; 22 poles - Point C) 2. Pine in Col Randolphs line S46E; 250
      poles on his line - Point D) 3. Henry Cox line N39E; 300 poles on Cox line - Point E) 4. __ line S46E; 120 poles -
      Point F) 5. Spanish oak line N37.5E; 188 poles - Point G) 6. Ptrs line N46W; 134 poles - Point H) 7. Mayos line
      S56E; 5 poles on Mayos line - Point I) 8. Red oak line N51W; 34 poles - Point J) 9. __ line N5E; 92 poles ?2p -
      Point K) 10. survey lineonds Creek HYD line ; along courses of said Creek pt L) 11. Red oak in Mayos line
      S35E; 20 poles - Point M) 12. __ line N70W; 16 poles N?0W - Point N) 13. Alongs Aldays line S; 140 poles on
      his line - Point O) 14. Ptrs line S57.5W; 236 poles - Point P) 15. Heberts line S78.75W; 194 poles to beginning
      Shift: sta 5 of ABAIL747.INT to sta 4 of HWHIT749.INT - Quality of survey: Approximately located.
      02 Jun 1751-Deed from Abraham Bailey,Jr to his son Joseph
      1755=THE VESTRY BOOK OF HENRICO PARISH, VIRGINIA, 1730-1773. Dr. R. A. Brock.
      p. 101. Procession precincts same as in 1740.
      `Seventh precinct is between Gilley's Creek & Cornelius's, from the River,
      back as far as the Seven Pines Road, and as low as the Southern Branch
      are appointed processionals.
      1757, 5 Sept.==Henrico Co. Ct. Records 1750-1807, p 512. Reel # 3. Va St Lib]
      ABRAHAM BAILEY to son PETER BAILEY. For 5 shillings. Beg HERBERT'S corner
      S61W 14 to Cocks corner; scrub o. N80W228 to pine in Peter Randolph's line;
      along sd Randolph S46E250 to Henry Coxes ln; along Cox n39E300 to a corner
      red o. ; thence to wht o marked fore and aft; thence along line of marked
      trees to a pine in John Aldy's line; thence along John Aldy to beg.
      Wit: Henry Sharp, Wm Redford, ABRAHAM [X] CHILDERS. Rec. 3 Oct 1757.
      24 Aug 1759. HENRY BAILEY of Henrico Co to Benjamin Bullinton of same.
      For L15. 200 acres. Beg at PETER BAILEY'S corner; along Coxes line to Spanish
      oak thence to pointers; thence to corner red oak; thence along a line of
      marked trees to John Alday's line; thence to beg. It being same tract granted
      by ABRAHAM BAILEY to said Henry 5 Sept 1757. [Henrico Co Dd Bk 1750-1807
      - Reel # 3. Va St Lib. pg. 600]
      07 Mar 1763-Roger Cock Bailey received 140 acres of land on the north side of the James River in Henrico Co,
      VA from Abraham Bailey, Jr=Henrico Co, Deeds, Pt. 2 Dec.Ct.1773
      1773-Deed between Abraham Bailey,Jr and his son, Peter=Henrico Co, Deeds, Pt. 2, Dex. Ct. 1773
      Source: 26732 Cash Court, Leesburg, FL 34784,, Maberon Meadows
      Source: Gayle K. Blankenship, Blankenship Ancestors, 146.
      Notes for Temperance Cockes:
      Ancestors of Temperance Cocke from #5
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      Descendants of Thomas Bailey
      Generation No. 1
      1. THOMAS1 BAILEY was born Abt. 1590 in Eng, and died 1619 in VA. He married CECILY REYNOLDS
      Abt. 1615, daughter of THOMAS REYNOLDS and CECILY FITZPEN. She was born Abt. 1600 in Weymouth,
      Dorsetshire, Eng.
      Notes for THOMAS BAILEY: booklet=#5
      2. i. TEMPERANCE2 BAILEY, b. Abt. 1617; d. 1647.
      Generation No. 2
      2. TEMPERANCE2 BAILEY (THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1617, and died 1647. She married RICHARD
      COCKE,LT,COL, son of JOHN COCKE. He was born Abt. 1602, and died 1665.
      Notes for TEMPERANCE BAILEY:
      3. i. THOMAS3 COCKE, b. 1639; d. 1685.
      Generation No. 3
      3. THOMAS3 COCKE (TEMPERANCE2 BAILEY, THOMAS1) was born 1639, and died 1685. He married
      AGNES POWELL 1663 in VA. She was born 1645, and died 1718.
      Child of THOMAS COCKE and AGNES POWELL is:
      4. i. WILLIAM4 COCKE, b. Abt. 1670; d. Henrico Co, VA.
      Generation No. 4
      4. WILLIAM4 COCKE (THOMAS3, TEMPERANCE2 BAILEY, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1670, and died in
      Henrico Co, VA. He married SARAH PERRIN. She was born Abt. 1670, and died Abt. 1717.
      Children of WILLIAM COCKE and SARAH PERRIN are:
      7. v.TEMPERANCE COCKES, b. Abt. 1685, Henrico Co, VA; . married Abraham Bailey
      Joyce H. Lindsay, Marriages of Henrico Co. VA 1680-1808, (Southern Historical
      Press), 20.
      Joseph Royall b. abt 1600 England d. bef 10 Mar 1654/55 Henrico Co, VA
      married Katherine Banks b. abt 1600 Canterbury, Kent, England d bef Dec 1668 Henrico Co, VA
      father/Christopher Bank
      Katherine Royall b. abt 1654 d. aft 1695 Henrico Co, VA married Richard Perrin b. abt 1650 d. Mar 1693/94
      Henric Co, VA, father/John Perrin=mother/Sarah(?)
      1.Mary Perrin . b 1665 married Oct 1688 Robert Napier
      2. Sarah Perrin b. 1672 Henrico Co, VA married 02 Dwec 1695 William Cockes
      Temperance Cocke married Abraham Bailey, JR
      Source: Benjamin B. Weisiger III, Colonial Wills of Henrico Co. VA, Part 1,
      1677-1737, 105
      Children of Abraham Bailey and Temperance Cockes are:
      + 3 i. Henry3 Bailey, born Abt. 1700 in Henrico Co, VA; died 1761 in Lunenberg Co, VA.
      4 ii. dau Bailey, born Abt. 1723. She married ? William.
      + 5 iii. Joseph Bailey, born 1725 in Henrico Co, VA; died 1783 in Henrico Co, VA.
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      + 6 iv. Roger Cocke Bailey, born Abt. 1727 in Henrico Co, VA; died Abt. 1790 in Campbell Co, VA.
      + 7 v. Abraham Bailey III, born 1736 in Henrico Co, VA; died 1802 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      + 8 vi. Peter Bailey, born Abt. 1737 in Henrico Co, VA; died Abt. 1786 in Henrico Co, VA.
      + 9 vii. David Bailey, born Abt. 1737 in Henrico Co, VA; died Abt. 1825 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      + 10 viii. Temperance Bailey, born June 14, 1739 in Henrico Co, VA; died February 9, 1779 in Clumberland Co,
      + 11 ix. Thomas Cocke Bailey, born 1740 in Henrico Co, VA; died December 1823.
      Generation No. 3
      3. Henry3 Bailey (Abraham2, Abraham1) was born Abt. 1700 in Henrico Co, VA, and died 1761 in
      Lunenberg Co, VA. He married Avis ? Abt. 1721.
      Notes for Henry Bailey:
      Bailey, Henry 2-28-1761; 5-5-1761;
      Mentions: Wife: Avis Bailey
      Son: William Bailey
      Children: Doesn't mention their names
      Executor: William Bailey (son)
      Witnesses: William Turner, John (his X mark) Wray, Matthew Turner.
      The Bowen land was on the north side of the Meherrin River in what is now the southeastern part of Lunenburg
      Co. Bowen's land was on the lower (downriver) side of Little Creek while Mize's land above Stony Creek
      (upriver) was adjoining.
      No records have been found to help determine when William Bowen had this land surveyed, but he had
      undoubtedly held the land for several years before the patent was granted. He and wife Amy sold the entire patent
      to Henry Bailey in 1749. Henry Bailey and his wife Avis had previously been residents of Bristol Parish.
      Lunenburg DB 2 p 163
      19 Mar 1749 William Bowing of Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg Co to Henry Bailey of Brunswick Co. For 30 L
      about 326 acres on the lower side of the little creek, being the same tract patented to Bowing on Oct 1, 1643 [sic].
      Wit: William Embry, Lewis Lanier, Reuben Vaughan. Rec 2 Oct 1750.
      Note: The date 1643 obviously was in error. The patent was actually dated Oct 1, 1747. This date was corrected
      in a later Bailey deed involving this land. The witness Reuben Vaughan was named as a son in the 1740 will of
      James Vaughan Jr.
      Lunenburg Co Order Book 2 (1748-1752)
      p. 346: October Court, 1750 Wm Bowing to Henry Bailey, indenture of bargain & sale
      The William Bowen patent was mentioned again in a later patent granted to Henry Bailey in 1759 (but probably
      entered several years before).
      Patents 34 p 245
      Henry Baily 12 May 1759 590 acres Lunenburg Co North side Meherrin River. Beginning at a red oak on the
      said river, a new line north fifteen degrees east one hundred and four poles to a hiccory in Mize's line thence
      along Mize's lines north forty five degrees west eighty eight poles to a red oak twelve poles to a black jack north
      four degrees west fifty three poles to a red oak north seventy one degrees west one hundred and ninety four poles
      to a hiccory south sixty degrees west eighty two poles to a beech south sixty six poles to a beech on the Little
      Creek thence down the same as it meanders to Meherrin River thence down the river as it meanders to Vaughan's
      line thence along his line north seventy degrees east one hundred and ninety six poles to a white oak on the said
      river and thence down the same as it meanders to the first station. Three hundred and twenty six acres part thereof
      being formerly granted unto William Bowing by our Letters Patent bearing date the first day of October one
      thousand seven hundred and forty seven the right and title whereof is since become vested(?) in the said Henry
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      Baily and two hundred and sixty four acres the residue never before granted.
      Lunenburg DB4 p 137
      22 Nov 1754 Henry Bailey of Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg, to son William Bailey of same. 226 acres in
      Lunenburg on the north side of Maherrin River & bounded by the little creek on James Mize's line, the Race
      Paths, the head of the Spring branch, part of a larger tract containing 326 acres formerly patented to William
      Bowing dated Oct 1, 1747, and by him sold to Henry Bailey by deed recorded in Lunenburg. Wit Robert
      Campbell, James Tomason, Jane Bailey. Rec 1 July 1755
      On 26 Nov 1761, William Bailey sold 220 acres with the same description to John Bailey. (DB 10 p 213) It was
      described as adjoining Little Creek, James Mize, Stephen Mize, the lower end of the Race Paths, a new line, and
      the spring branch. Witnesses were Matthew Turner Jr, Abraham Meremoon, and William Turner.
      Even though William Bowen Sr and wife Amy had sold the entire patent of 326 acres to Henry Bailey in 1749,
      some of the later records still referred to the Bowen survey. At first I thought this was an indication that a William
      Bowen still owned land in the area as late as 1761, but I don't believe that was the case.
      Lunenburg DB 10 p 214 26 Nov 1761 John Bailey of Edgecombe Co, NC to William Bailey of Lunenburg [both
      were sons of Henry Bailey] 132 acres in Lunenburg bounded by the Meherrin River at James Vaughan's line,
      Rockey Branch, William Bowen, the Little Cr. Wit Mathew Turner Jr, Abraham Meremoon, William Turner. Rec
      12 Sept 1765.
      Henry Bailey's wife was named Avis in the Bristol Parish birth records for their children from 1727 to 1735. His
      Lunenburg will written in 1761 also named wife Avis. No records have been found that indicate that he had a
      daughter named Avis Bailey.
      George son of Henry & Amy Baley b. 2 June 1725.
      John son of Henry & Avis Balie b. 23 Oct. 1727; bap. July 28, 1728.
      William son of Henry & Avice Baly b. 10 May 1733; bapt. 17th June.
      Martha, dau. of Henry & Avis Baley b. Mar. 30, 1735; bapt. 4th May.
      The 1761 Lunenburg Co will of Henry Bailey named wife Avis Bailey, son William Bailey, and mentioned other
      children but didn't name them.
      According to information concerning the Wray family at
      ml (which I have not researched to verify, but the names given agree with the wills I have found), Stephen Mize's
      wife Avis was the daughter of John Wray, Sr and Frances Oher Bailey b 1720. Since Henry Bailey's will was
      witnessed by a John Wray and the Bailey land adjoined the Mize land, it's my guess that Frances Oher Bailey was
      probably an earlier daughter born to Henry Bailey and Avis who was not recorded in the Bristol Parish birth
      records. So again it appears that the name Avis can be traced back to its origins in Bristol Parish.
      Notes for Avis ?:
      The name Avis is an uncommon name. For it to appear in so many families that lived near each other is certainly
      worthy of note. At least four of these families, the Bowens, Andrews, Baileys, and Grangers, had moved to
      Lunenburg from Bristol Parish, so the origin of the name seems to trace back to Bristol Parish. Certainly the
      wives of Robert Bowen, William Andrews, and Henry Bailey must have been three different women since they
      were all producing children during the same period. It is not possible that any two of them could have been the
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      Children of Henry Bailey and Avis ? are:
      + 12 i. Frances Oher4 Bailey.
      13 ii. George Bailey, born June 2, 1725.
      + 14 iii. John Bailey, born October 23, 1727 in Bristol Parish, Prince George Co, VA; died 1782.
      + 15 iv. William Bailey, born May 10, 1733; died Abt. 1792 in Mecklenburg Co, VA.
      16 v. Martha Bailey, born March 30, 1735.
      + 17 vi. Richard Henry Lee Bailey,g-son), born June 25, 1802 in Lunenburg Co, VA; died October 3, 1870 in
      Lunenburg Co, VA.
      5. Joseph3 Bailey (Abraham2, Abraham1) was born 1725 in Henrico Co, VA, and died 1783 in Henrico Co,
      VA. He married ? Branch.
      Notes for Joseph Bailey:
      IGI-VA/Will 5 Mar 1783
      C Ward aug99
      Children of Joseph Bailey and ? Branch are:
      18 i. Elizabeth Branch4 Bailey. She married Thomas Hood February 6, 1786 in Henrico Co VA.
      Notes for Elizabeth Branch Bailey:
      19 ii. Ann Bailey. She married Frances Pearce.
      Notes for Ann Bailey:
      IGI-VA/will of Joseph
      20 iii. Joseph Bailey.
      Notes for Joseph Bailey:
      IGI-VA/in will-of Joseph
      21 iv. Mary Bailey.
      Notes for Mary Bailey:
      IGI-VA/in will-of Joseph
      22 v. Richard Bailey.
      Notes for Richard Bailey:
      IGI-VA/in will-of Joseph
      23 vi. Sarah Bailey.
      Notes for Sarah Bailey:
      IGI-VA/in will-of Joseph
      24 vii. William Bailey.
      Notes for William Bailey:
      IGI-VA/in will-of Joseph
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      25 viii. Peter Bailey, died Abt. 1784.
      Notes for Peter Bailey:
      IGI-VA/in will-of Joseph
      register a will dated 03 Jul 1784 in VA
      6. Roger Cocke3 Bailey (Abraham2, Abraham1) was born Abt. 1727 in Henrico Co, VA, and died Abt. 1790
      in Campbell Co, VA. He married (1) Mary Renard Abt. 1750 in Henrico Co, VA, daughter of Richard Rennard
      and Judith Redford. She was born Abt. 1732 in Henrico Co, VA, and died Abt. 1777 in Henrico Co, VA. He
      married (2) Elizabeth ? Aft. 1777.
      Notes for Roger Cocke Bailey:
      Served in the Revolution War in 1781 as a Corporal in Capt. James Gunn's company, Virginia regiment,
      Charlotte Co, VA
      Heads of Families-VA 1790 p5=Charlotte Co=Roger Cock-white 6-Black 4
      07 Mar 1763--Roger Cocke Bailey received 140 acres of land on the north side of the James River in Henrico Co,
      VA, from Abraham Bailey, Jr (Deed and Will Books, 1750-1767. page 774)
      1777--Roger Cocke Bailey purchased 60 acres of land on Bluestone Creek, Charlotte Co, VA
      (It has been reported in some lines that Roger Cocke Bailey married Mourning Hoskins--this has not been proven
      as of Jan 2003)
      Served as a Corporal in Capt. James Gun's, VA. Regiment, from Charlotte Co, VA.
      ancestors of Mourning Hoskins is below--
      Descendants of Henry BAILEY
      Generation No. 1
      1. HENRY1 BAILEY He married (1) ANN OSBORNE.
      Notes for HENRY BAILEY:
      Mrs Lloyd Fite/11938 Longleaf/Houston TX 77024/FS
      Will 1667
      Child of HENRY BAILEY and ANN OSBORNE is:
      2. i. THOMAS2 BAILEY SR, d. Bef. 1711, Henrico Co, VA.
      Generation No. 2
      2. THOMAS2 BAILEY SR (HENRY1) died Bef. 1711 in Henrico Co, VA. He married JANE PERRIN in VA.
      Notes for THOMAS BAILEY SR:
      Will inv 1711
      Children of THOMAS BAILEY and JANE PERRIN are:
      4. ii. THOMAS BAILEY.
      Generation No. 3
      4. THOMAS3 BAILEY (THOMAS2, HENRY1) He married PHEBE HANCOCK, daughter of ROBERT
      HANCOCKE and JOHAN LIGON. Phebe married #2 Nicholas Giles
      Notes for THOMAS BAILEY:
      Will 21 Dec 1723
      Children of THOMAS BAILEY and PHEBE HANCOCK are:
      6. ii. BETTY BAILEY. (Betty may have been the child of Phebe & Nicholas Giles)
      Generation No. 4
      6. BETTY4 BAILEY (THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HENRY1) She married ? HOSKINS.
      Child of BETTY BAILEY and ? HOSKINS is:
      Elizabeth is listed as wife in Roger Cocke Bailey Will
      the daughter of Roger Cocke Bailey has been taken from the will of Richard Renard.(below)
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      Notes for Mary Renard:
      Will of Richard Rennard
      In the name of God, Amen, I Richard Rennard of the county of Henrico and parish aforesaid, being in my perfect
      senses, mind and memory, praised be to God, do by these Presents give dispose and devise and Bequeath all my
      worldly Goods and Estate in manner and form following Viz.Imprimis I lend unto my loving Wife, Judith
      Rennard the use of my plantation I now live on, together with all my land I Own belonging to the same,
      containing by Estimation one hundred and forty seven Acres more or less, and bounded by the old, known, and
      usual Bounds thereof, during and for her natural life, and after her decease,
      I Give, Devise and bequeath, the aforesaid land and premises with all its Appurtenances profits Emoluments, to
      my son-in law John Redford to him, his Heirs and Assigns forever.
      I further lend unto my aforesaid Wife, two Negroes, to wit, a Boy named, Jack and a Woman named Sarah, as
      also the one half of -my stock- Household and Kitchen Furniture and one Horse, during and for her natural life
      and after her death I give and Devise and Bequeath the aforesaid Negro Boy Jack, the one half of my Stock,
      Household and Kitchen Furniture and the Horse I before lent to my Wife, unto my grandson Richard Redford to
      him his Heirs and Assigns forever
      Pg. 2
      Item. I Give Devise and Bequeath unto aforesaid Grandson Richard Redford three Negroes, to wit, Tom, Sam,
      and Jude as also all my ready Money, outstanding debts that may be due to me, in Bonds open accounts
      him, his Heirs, and assigns forever.
      Item: my-Will and desire is that my (granddaughter Mary Winfrie and now the wife of Stephen Winfrie) should
      have two of' my Negroes named Fanny and Amea, but on the following conditions that whereas some slight words
      passed a number of years ago betwixt COCKE BAILEY (father of the said Mary) and myself concerning my
      giving said Mary, his daughter, a certain Negro by the name of Sall, and as it is erroneously said, with her
      increase which since I have sold a Child of Sall's by the name of Sylvia unto my son-in-law John Redford (as I
      considered the words I spoke to be no ways binding on me to make the gift) and the said Mary together with her
      Husband Stephen Winfrie, since threatens to bring suit for the Negro Sylvia and her increase after my decease.
      Now it is so that if she the said Mary or her husband Stephen Winfrie or any of their surviving Heirs, Executors or
      Administrators or Assigns should forever hereafter bring suit, molest, or disturb the said John Redford, his Heirs
      Executors, Administrators or Assigns, in the full possession right and Title of the aforesaid negro woman Sylvia,
      or any of her increase or the said Negro woman Sall or any of her increase, to the prejudice or hurt of any other
      person or persons holding or possessing the said Negro Woman Sall or any of her increase.
      I do then to all intents and purposes Disinherit and deny that the said Mary or her said Husband Stephen Winfrie
      or any of their Surviving Heirs Executors Administrators or Assigns from Claiming or Holding any property or to
      be any was profited
      or benefited from this my will as if their Names had never been written therein, and if they or any of them do or
      act as above said then instead thereof
      I Give Devise and bequeath the said two Negroes, Fanny Amea and their increase to my grandson Richard
      Redford his Heirs and Assigns forever. But on the contrary, should they the said Mary and Stephen Winfrie stand
      to and abide by contentedly each and every Clause sentence and Gift, written in this my last Will and Testament
      so that the said, John Redford his Heirs or Assigns or any other person or persons holding or possessing the said
      two negro women Sall and Sylvia and their increase are not in no ways hurt or Damaged thereby, then I give
      and bequeath the said two Negroes Fanny and Amea and their increases to my Grand Daughter Mary Winfrie, her
      Heirs and Assigns forever
      My Will and desire is that the other half of my Stock, Household and Kitchen Furniture (not lent to my wife) be
      sold at my decease, and the Negro Woman Sall be sold at my wifes decease at the discretion of my Executors, and
      the money arising from the sale be applied to paying my just Debts and the use of my Funeral Expenses and the
      part of the Money, mot made use of I give and bequeath unto my Grandson Richard Redford and his heirs
      forever. I also appoint and Ordain my son in-law John Redford Executor to this my last Will and Testament. in
      witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal this tenth Day of April, Anno Domini One
      thousand seven hundred and ninety four.
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      Signed, sealed, published and pronounced by the said Richard Rennard as his last Will and Testament, in the
      presence of us,
      who in his presence and in the presence of each other, hereunto subscribed our names
      Michael Turpin
      Anderson Barnes
      Mary Barnes (her mark)
      Henry Woodcock
      At a court held for Henrico County at the courthouse on Monday the third day of July 1797. This last Will and
      Testament of Richard Rennard deceased was proved by the oaths of Anderson Barnes and Henry Woodcock two
      of the Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And on the Motion of John Redford the Executor therein
      named, who made oath thereto and together with Noble Jordan and William Frayson his Securities, entered into
      and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of Six hundred pounds conditioned as the Law directs Certificate is
      granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.
      Transcribed from copy of a will filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the County of Henrico, in the state of
      Virginia, by Gladys Edwards. 3712 147th Ave. SE Bellevue, WA 98006
      Children of Roger Bailey and Mary Renard are:
      + 26 i. Thomas4 Bailey, born September 4, 1760 in Henrico Co, VA; died Bet. 1823 - 1824 in Campbell Co,
      + 27 ii. Yancy Bailey, born 1755 in VA; died September 4, 1804 in Person Co, NC.
      + 28 iii. Temperance Bailey, born December 16, 1761 in Henrico Co, VA; died 1823 in Hopkins Co, KY.
      + 29 iv. Peter Cocke Bailey, born October 9, 1762 in Henrico Co, VA; died 1844 in KY.
      30 v. Martha Dicy Bailey, born August 5, 1763 in Henrico Co, VA. She married John Beville.
      31 vi. Mary Bailey, born Abt. 1765 in Henrico Co, VA. She married Stephen E Winfrey 1789 in Cumberland
      Co, VA.
      + 32 vii. Andrew Bailey, born August 1, 1767 in Henrico Co, VA; died October 10, 1852 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      + 33 viii. Richard R Bailey, born April 22, 1770 in Henrico Co, VA; died 1825 in Hopkins Co, KY.
      34 ix. Elizabeth Bailey, born April 22, 1772 in VA. She married William Holt.
      35 x. Ruth Bailey, born Abt. 1774 in VA. She married Jesse Wilkes March 5, 1792 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      36 xi. Sally Bailey, born Abt. 1777 in Henrico Co, VA. She married Abraham Walker March 21, 1799 in
      Charlotte Co, VA.
      7. Abraham3 Bailey III (Abraham2, Abraham1) was born 1736 in Henrico Co, VA, and died 1802 in
      Charlotte Co, VA.
      Child of Abraham Bailey III is:
      37 i. Henry4 Bailey, born in VA.
      8. Peter3 Bailey (Abraham2, Abraham1) was born Abt. 1737 in Henrico Co, VA, and died Abt. 1786 in
      Henrico Co, VA. He married Frances Winfrey September 25, 1779, daughter of John Winfrey and Mary
      Hughes. She was born Abt. 1757 in Cumberland Co, VA, and died 1838.
      Notes for Peter Bailey:
      IGI-VA/Will 03 Jul 1784
      Court Records (John WINFREES, Sr.),
      "On 25 Sept., 1770, John Winfree signed a pre-nuptial agreement between himself and Peter Bailey, son of
      Abraham Bailey (11) of Henrico Co., regarding Peter's intended marriage to Frances Winfree, John and Mary's
      thirteen-year- old daughter. In this agreement, Peter affirmed that he brought to the marriage 200 acres of land
      deeded to him by his farther, Abraham, in 1757 in Henrico Co., VA, plus the services of a young slave named
      Josh and another boy, aged fourteen. Frances was also to have a bed and furniture. In return consideration, John
      Winfree gave a dower or wedding gift of 20 shillings.
      Will listed-Henrico Co, VA Will Book page 313
      Notes for Frances Winfrey:
      Notes for Jesse WINFREY:
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      1. Genealogical publishing Co. "Genealogies of VA Families Vol. 5 from VA Magazine", (1981), p.245-246,
      Among the few of his (William Fleming) papers which remain is a subscription list taken in Powhatan Co.
      for the purpose of paying bounties to recruits and preventing a draught of the militia. " We the subscribers hereby
      oblige ourselves to pay on demand, to the commander of the militia of Powhatan, the serveral sums of money set
      against our names respectively, to be by him equally distributed amongst such able bodied men as will engage to
      serve in one of the Virginia regiments on continental establishment, for one year, in order to prevent a draught of
      the militia for completing the sd regiments; provided that not more than 200 dollars, besides the public bounty, be
      paid to any one person so enlisting. "WM, Fleming 40,...Jesse Winfrey 7.1.."
      2. Lucas, "Some Georgia Co. Records Vol. 4, p. 181", Will of Jesse dated 24 Oct. 1815. Gives two slaves, Susan
      and Elvey to grandson Johnathan Winfrey Wood whose mother was his daughter Julia, now deceased.
      3. Compiled and Published by Catherine Lindsay Knorr, "Marriage Bonds and Ministers' Returns of Prince
      Edward Co, VA" (1950), p.85.
      All of this information for Jesse Winfrey's line came from Michael T. Smith
      e-mail address
      Children of Peter Bailey and Frances Winfrey are:
      38 i. Joseph4 Bailey.
      Notes for Joseph Bailey:
      IGI-VA/in will-of Peter
      39 ii. Sarah Bailey.
      Notes for Sarah Bailey:
      IGI-VA/in will-of Peter
      40 iii. Peter Bailey, born in VA. He married Lucy Harwood April 19, 1798 in Henrico Co, Va, USA; born in
      Notes for Peter Bailey:
      41 iv. John W Bailey.
      9. David3 Bailey (Abraham2, Abraham1) was born Abt. 1737 in Henrico Co, VA, and died Abt. 1825 in
      Charlotte Co, VA. He married Jean Johnson Abt. 1760, daughter of Samuel Johnson. She was born Abt. 1741
      in Henrico Co, VA.
      Notes for David Bailey:
      Purchased a farm of 100 Acres on Dunavent Creek, Charlotte Co, VA 07 Dec 1767
      Will probated 07 Mar 1825 per; Shirley Weissenborn
      Children of David Bailey and Jean Johnson are:
      42 i. Mary Cocke4 Bailey, born Abt. 1773 in Henrico Co, VA.
      43 ii. Ruth Bailey, born Abt. 1775 in Henrico Co, VA.
      + 44 iii. James Bailey, born in Charlotte Co, VA; died Abt. 1828 in Hopkins Co, KY.
      45 iv. David Bailey,Jr, born Abt. 1779 in Charlotte Co, VA; died in Madison Co, AL.
      46 v. Jane Bailey, born Abt. 1781 in Charlotte Co, VA; died in Rockingham Co, NC.
      + 47 vi. Samuel Johnson Bailey,Sr MD, born Abt. 1783 in Charlotte Co, VA; died Bef. February 14, 1862 in
      Barnwell Co, SC.
      48 vii. Martha Bailey, born Abt. 1785 in Charlotte Co, VA; died in Charlotte Co, VA.
      49 viii. Letitia Bailey, born Abt. 1787 in Charlotte Co, VA; died Abt. 1850 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      + 50 ix. Holcomb David Bailey, born Abt. 1789 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      10. Temperance3 Bailey (Abraham2, Abraham1) was born June 14, 1739 in Henrico Co, VA, and died
      February 9, 1779 in Clumberland Co, VA. She married Charles Ballou Abt. 1760 in VA. He was born August
      4, 1722, and died May 29, 1766 in Cumberland Co, VA.
      Notes for Charles Ballou:
      Trudie Davis Long/8213 Mapleville Rd/Mount Airy,MD 21771/301-831-5781
      Children of Temperance Bailey and Charles Ballou are:
      51 i. Mary4 Ballou.
      52 ii. Ann Ballou.
      53 iii. William Ballou.
      54 iv. Jesse Ballou.
      55 v. John Ballou.
      56 vi. Charles Ballou.
      11. Thomas Cocke3 Bailey (Abraham2, Abraham1) was born 1740 in Henrico Co, VA, and died December
      1823. He married ? Yancy Abt. 1775 in VA.
      Notes for Thomas Cocke Bailey:
      was this the Thomas Bailey that was with Daniel Boone-captured by Indians at battle of Stone Lick (defeat of Ft.
      Boonesborough) 1778 ???
      Child of Thomas Bailey and ? Yancy is:
      57 i. Abner4 Bailey, born Abt. 1776.
      Generation No. 4
      12. Frances Oher4 Bailey (Henry3, Abraham2, Abraham1) She married John Wray. He was born 1695.
      Notes for Frances Oher Bailey:
      Not sure this child belongs to Henry and Avis
      Children of Frances Bailey and John Wray are:
      58 i. John5 Wray, born October 23, 1727 in Lunenburg Co, VA.
      59 ii. Avis Wray.
      14. John4 Bailey (Henry3, Abraham2, Abraham1) was born October 23, 1727 in Bristol Parish, Prince
      George Co, VA, and died 1782. He married Jane ?.
      Child of John Bailey and Jane ? is:
      + 60 i. William5 Bailey, born 1775 in Mechlenburg Co, VA; died 1843.
      15. William4 Bailey (Henry3, Abraham2, Abraham1) was born May 10, 1733, and died Abt. 1792 in
      Mecklenburg Co, VA. He married Sarah Lanier Abt. 1757 in Brunswick Co, VA, daughter of Nicholas Lanier
      and Mary ?. She was born Abt. 1739 in Brunswick Co, VA, and died in Mecklenburg Co, VA.
      Children of William Bailey and Sarah Lanier are:
      + 61 i. Benjamin5 Bailey, born November 24, 1770 in Mecklenberg Co, VA.
      + 62 ii. Jane Bailey, born October 1, 1772 in Mecklenberg Co, VA; died July 2, 1855 in Vermillion County,
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      + 63 iii. Martha Bailey, born May 4, 1762 in Lunenburg Co, VA; died October 11, 1850 in Tuscaloosa Co, AL.
      17. Richard Henry Lee4 Bailey,g-son) (Henry3, Abraham2, Abraham1) was born June 25, 1802 in
      Lunenburg Co, VA, and died October 3, 1870 in Lunenburg Co, VA. He married Lucy Gee December 19, 1834
      in Lunenburg Co VA, daughter of James Gee and Nancy ?. She was born November 22, 1807 in Lunenburg Co.,
      Virginia, and died July 22, 1882 in Lunenburg Co., Virginia.
      Notes for Richard Henry Lee Bailey,g-son):
      1850 census, Lunenburg Co, Va-- family 190-- page 014 (db)
      Richard 48 VA farmer
      Lucy 43 Va
      John 14 VA
      Ann 13 VA
      Charles 11 VA
      Sarah 9 VA
      Harvey W. Powell/13430 Hensley Rd/Midlothian,VA 23112
      Richard Henry Lee BAILEY was a Justice of the Lunenburg County Court,
      1856-186 0. His farm is located on State Route 640 North of the Meheran
      river in Lunenburg County, in the area described in a Regal patent to
      his grandfather.
      ancestory on-line>
      We can trace our Bailey line to Richard Henry Lee Bailey. He and other
      members of "our" line of the Bailey family are in Lunenburg County,
      Virginia, in the early 1800's. This branch of the family calls home a
      part of Lunenburg that is just north of the Meheran River and adjacent
      to the lands of the Vaughan family (who we met in the chapter about
      the Powers). Some portions of that land remain in the family's hands
      today (1994). And there is a small overgrown family cemetery next to
      the Bailey home place (It is located West of the home, north of state
      route 640, about 0.7 mile west of the intersection with Route 643.
      Salem Church, now deserted, is at that intersection).
      Harry Bailey, shortly before his death, took your author to the area
      and indicated the land had been in the family even before Richard H.L.
      Bailey. The land, therefore, becomes the key!
      We have been unable to find the name of Richard's father or mother,
      but we have been able to trace that land. That land was given to one
      Henry Bailey in a Regal Patent on 12 May 1759 (Patent Book #34, page
      245). That land is described as 590 acres, north of the Meheran and
      adjacent to the Vaughan family land.
      It is unlikely that Henry is Richard H.L. Bailey's father (if Henry
      was 25 when he was given the land, he would have been over 68 when
      Richard was born!). We believe Henry is Richard H.L. Bailey's
      Grandfather. Henry's will (at least one that seems to match) does
      exist in Lunenburg County records (Will Book #2, p.15). This Henry
      Bailey mentions his wife Avis and a son William, who is the executor
      of the will and who gets "...the land and plantation where I now
      live." There is, however, reference to other -- un-named -- children.
      And so, while William Bailey is an excellent candidate for Richard
      H.L.'s father, there are other possibilities.
      On 1 Jul 1755, Henry Bailey transfers land in Lunenburg County to
      William, John and George (DB 4, p.137, 139, 141). These could be sons
      of Henry. Lunenburg records at that time also refer to Thomas, Robert,
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      a younger Henry (perhaps a Henry Jr.), and an Anselm.
      One other note about William Bailey, son of Henry and possible father
      to Richard H.L. Bailey. Landon Bell's book "Lunenburg: The Old Free
      State" notes a Revolutionary war unit under Cpt. John Stokes. That
      unit was formed around Lunenburg County and included in its November
      1778 pay roll one William Bailey.
      More About Richard Henry Lee Bailey,g-son):
      Burial: Family Plot, Baily "home place, " on Rt.640, Lunenburg
      Notes for Lucy Gee:
      1880 Census Place: Columbian Grove, Lunenburg, Virginia
      Source:FHL Film 1255377 National Archives Film T9-1377 Page 237A
      Relation Sex Marr RaceAgeBirthplace
      Lucy BAILEYSelfFWW73VA
      Occ:Farmer Fa: VA Mo: VA
      Robt. BAILEY SonM SW29VA
      Occ:At HomeFa: VA Mo: VA
      Children of Richard Bailey and Lucy Gee are:
      64 i. John James5 Bailey, born January 18, 1836; died February 1, 1858.
      + 65 ii. Ann Street Bailey, born October 21, 1837 in Lunenburg Co, VA.
      + 66 iii. Charles Richard Bailey, born June 28, 1839; died July 6, 1898 in MI.
      + 67 iv. Sarah Jane Bailey, born March 21, 1841 in Lunenburg co, VA; died June 19, 1923 in Lunenburg Co,
      + 68 v. William Henry Bailey, born October 5, 1845 in Lunenburg Co, VA; died August 11, 1927 in Lunenburg
      Co, VA.
      69 vi. Robert Jones Bailey, born December 2, 1850 in Lunenburg Co, VA; died September 21, 1896. He
      married Inez Hite; died 1906.
      26. Thomas4 Bailey (Roger Cocke3, Abraham2, Abraham1) was born September 4, 1760 in Henrico Co,
      VA, and died Bet. 1823 - 1824 in Campbell Co, VA. He married (1) Milley/Mildred Clark December 20, 1779
      in Prince Edward Co, VA, daughter of John Clark. He married (2) Temperence Bailey April 21, 1794 in
      Campbell Co, VA, daughter of William Bailey and Marah Bailey. She died 1847 in Campbell Co, VA.
      Notes for Thomas Bailey:
      In the name of God Amen I Thomas Bailey of Campbell County & State of Virginia being
      perfectly sound in my memory and senses do make and publish the following as my last
      will and testament in manner and form following.
      1st I desire that my Executors hereafter named do pay all my just and lawful debts out of a
      part of estate hereafter to be named.
      2dly I leave to my beloved wife Temperance Bailey during her lifetime my land and
      plantation whereon I now live & in like manner five Negroes; Job, a man, Bevoley &
      Frank, boys. Phyllis, a woman and Tillen, a girl. Also I leave her one sorrell mare, one cow
      & calf, and choice bed & furniture. And at her death, I wish for the aforesaid property,
      except the land to be equally divided among my daughters, Betsy Palmer, Nancy Mason,
      Temperance Foster, Polly Bailey, Fanny Bailey and Jimmima Bailey with its future
      3dly I give to my son William Bailey one dollar. My reason for this is known to him.
      4thly I give my daughter Sarah Pinnic one Negro girl named Sopha.
      5thly I give to my daughter Agnes Wilson and her baby heirs in addition to what I have
      given them,one dollar.
      6thly I give to my sons Robert (P or V) Bailey & Abner Bailey my tract of land in
      Charlotte County to be equally divided between them two. And Robert (P or V) Bailey
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      shall pay Yancy Bailey forty dollars and Abner Bailey shall pay Lee Bailey forty dollars
      out of the value of the tract of land I give them.
      7thly I give to my sons Yancy Bailey & Lee Bailey my tract of land I bought of John (
      ????) containing two hundred acres also the tract of land I now live on at the death of my
      wife Temperance Bailey to be equally divided between them.
      8thly I give to my children John Bailey, Thomas Bailey, Robert (P or V) Bailey, Abner
      Bailey, Yancey Bailey, Lee Bailey, Betsy Palmer, Nancy Mason, Temperance Foster, Polly
      Bailey, Fanny Bailey and Jimmima Bailey the residue of my estate, both real & personal of
      what nature or kind soever it may be to be equally divided among them after my just debts
      are paid which I wish to be done out of this part of my estate.
      Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons John Bailey and Abner Bailey
      Executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other or former wills or
      testaments by me heretofore made.
      In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affix my seal this 24th day of
      November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred & twenty-three.
      Signed sealed published and declared as
      and for the last will and testament of
      the above named Thomas Bailey in
      presence of us.
      Robert Smith
      John Mason
      Paschal Bellason
      Thomas (??)
      James Scott Thomas Bailey (Seal)
      Upon mature deliberation I have thought proper to amend the following codicil to this my
      last will and testament in manner and form following.
      It is my will that my daughter Betsy Palmer have no part in the division of the five
      Negroes left my wife after her death nor of the furniture or stock. Instead of that it is my
      will that my two sons John Bailey and Thomas Bailey have an equal share of the said five
      Negroes, stock and furniture with my daughters Nancy Mason, Temperance Foster, Polly
      Bailey, Fanny Bailey and Jimimma Bailey to them and their heirs forever. It is also my
      wish that all (???) (???)
      made to my (???could not make out rest of this line??).
      hand & seal this first day of December l823
      signed sealed and acknowledged Thomas Bailey (Seal)
      in the presence of
      J. Scott
      X (his mark)(name - could not make out)
      Paton Smith
      Paschal Smith
      At a court proceeding in Campbell County, Virginia it appears that the above Thomas
      Bailey?s will (now deceased) was probated on Jan. l2, l824.
      (Will recorded at Campbell Co, Courthouse, Rustbarg, VA)
      info from Kathy Clark-10244 Mantle Lane-Oklahoma City, OK-73162 FS/Apr96
      More About Thomas Bailey:
      Burial: Near Brookneal, VA in unmarked grave
      Notes for Milley/Mildred Clark:
      Kathy Clark has copy of Marriage bond
      Notes for Temperence Bailey:
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      Parents-William & Marah Baley signed Bond and Permission Note for marriage
      Married by Rev. Charles Cobbs, Campbell Co, VA--marriage Reg.1 page 7
      will-1847 recorded at Campbell Co, Courthouse, Rustbarg, VA
      Children of Thomas Bailey and Milley/Mildred Clark are:
      70 i. William5 Bailey. He married Nancy C Farris February 11, 1841 in Campbell Co, VA.
      + 71 ii. John Bailey, born Abt. 1783 in VA; died Abt. 1846 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      + 72 iii. Thomas Bailey,Jr.
      73 iv. Sarah/Sally Bailey. She married William Penick October 1, 1804 in Prince Edward Co, VA.
      Notes for Sarah/Sally Bailey:
      Grandfather, John Clark consent to marriage
      74 v. Agnes Bailey. She married William H Wilson May 25, 1811 in Campbell Co, VA.
      Children of Thomas Bailey and Temperence Bailey are:
      75 i. Nancy5 Bailey, born in Campbell Co, VA; died September 9, 1854 in Campbell Co, VA. She married
      John N Mason February 20, 1820 in Campbell Co, VA.
      Notes for Nancy Bailey:
      married by Rev. Edmund Johns
      died of consumption-Reg. of Births & Deaths, Campbell Co, VA 1853-1857
      + 76 ii. Temperance Bailey, born 1801 in Campbell Co, VA.
      77 iii. Abner Bailey, born Abt. 1800 in Campbell Co, VA. He married Charlotte Cocke November 19, 1823 in
      Campbell Co, VA.
      78 iv. Mary Bailey, born in Campbell Co, VA. She married Henry Holt March 13, 1827 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      Notes for Mary Bailey:
      marriage listed in Charlotte Co, VA Marriage reg.
      79 v. Frances "Fannie" Bailey, born in Campbell Co, VA. She married Abner Watkins Mason December 20,
      1832 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      Notes for Frances "Fannie" Bailey:
      married by, Nathaniel Lovlace-Charlotte Co, VA-marriage reg.
      Notes for Abner Watkins Mason:
      Wife #2=Martha Davidson
      Wife #3=Sarah Brewer
      Grandfather, John Weatherford, Bapt. Min. was imprisoned for preaching
      + 80 vi. Yancy Bailey, born March 19, 1805 in Campbell Co, VA; died December 30, 1864 in Campbell Co, VA.
      81 vii. Jemima Bailey, born in Campbell Co, VA. She married Henry Moon January 10, 1833 in Campbell Co,
      Notes for Jemima Bailey:
      married by Rev. Samuel Armstock, Campbell Co, VA- marriage reg.
      82 viii. Robert Bailey. He married Lucy L Buster March 3, 1823 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      Notes for Robert Bailey:
      marriage in Charlotte Co, VA. reg.
      83 ix. Betsy Bailey, born in Campbell Co, VA; died March 30, 1863. She married Asa Palmer.
      + 84 x. Lee Bailey, born 1819 in Campbell Co, VA.
      27. Yancy4 Bailey (Roger Cocke3, Abraham2, Abraham1) was born 1755 in VA, and died September 4,
      1804 in Person Co, NC. He married Sarah (Sally) Fowlkes 1772 in Person Co, NC, daughter of Gabriel
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      Fowlkes and Ursula Thomason. She died March 16, 1833 in Halifax Co, VA.
      Notes for Yancy Bailey:
      served in Rev.War
      Robert Wilkins/Route 5,Box 189/Roxboro,NC 27573
      Mary Lewis/2155 Valentine Place/San Marino CA 91108
      Sources from;
      Jean Dowdey/90 Summers Ave/Novato,CA 94945 aug95
      1. "Sketches and Genealogy of the Bailey-Craddock-Lawson Families of VA & NC".
      complied by Betsy Lawson Willis & Martha Barksdale Craddock. 1974".
      2. DAR Patriot List, "Cited for Public Service in NC".
      3. Sarah Fowkes Bailey Faulkner's Will (Halifax Co, VA. W.B. 12 page 682, W.B 16 page 331) left her entire
      estate to her daughters as their deceased father had given much more to his sons and she had always thought it
      right to remedy that inequality.
      4. Virginia Magazine of History, Vol 21. page 210. Yancy Bailey commissioned Ensign July 1778
      5. Will of Yancy Bailey, Person Co, NC Wills. Inventories, 1801-1804 pages 329-332.
      Notes for Sarah (Sally) Fowlkes:
      married #2 Jacob Faulkner, Halifax Co, VA aft 1804
      Children of Yancy Bailey and Sarah Fowlkes are:
      85 i. Jane5 Bailey. She married ? Hunt.
      86 ii. Mary Bailey, born Abt. 1774. She married ? Forest.
      87 iii. Sarah Bailey, born Abt. 1776. She married ? Moore.
      88 iv. William Bailey, born 1776.
      89 v. Elizabeth Bailey, born Abt. 1778.
      90 vi. Frances "Fanny" Bailey, born 1778. She married Thomas Shapard April 29, 1811 in Person Co, NC.
      91 vii. James Bailey, born Abt. 1784.
      + 92 viii. Gabriel Bailey, born 1794 in Person Co, NC; died 1854 in Person Co, NC.
      + 93 ix. John Bailey, born October 3, 1795 in Person Co, NC; died April 7, 1871 in Person Co, NC.
      + 94 x. Harriett Catherine Bailey, born 1800; died 1873.
      28. Temperance4 Bailey (Roger Cocke3, Abraham2, Abraham1) was born December 16, 1761 in Henrico
      Co, VA, and died 1823 in Hopkins Co, KY. She married Samuel Cox 1777 in Mecklenburg, VA. He was born
      1753, and died 1820.
      Notes for Temperance Bailey:
      Eleanor Gamble
      Notes for Samuel Cox:
      in Revolutionary War
      Child of Temperance Bailey and Samuel Cox is:
      + 95 i. Temperance Baily5 Cox, born 1803; died 1875.
      29. Peter Cocke4 Bailey (Roger Cocke3, Abraham2, Abraham1) was born October 9, 1762 in Henrico Co,
      VA, and died 1844 in KY. He married Sarah Baker August 27, 1792 in Mecklenburg Co, VA, daughter of
      Zechariah Baker and Jane Bressie. She was born in Mecklenburg Co, VA, and died January 23, 1822 in VA.
      Notes for Peter Cocke Bailey:
      Dianajan99 info below from Diana
      1. In 1831 moved from Mecklenburg Co, VA to Montgomery Co, TN
      2. He states on his Revolution War-pension papers-spending time there and in Hopkins Co, KY. with daughter,
      3. He wants his pension sent there during the winter months.
      4. He says on pension papers, he was born 6 miles below Richmond, VA. on the James River.
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      5. Peter Bailey of Montgomery Co, TN. private in the company of Capt. Taylor and regiment of Col. Moore in
      the NC militia for 1 years and 11 months, was placed on the West TN. pension roll at $75.66 per annum under the
      ACT of 1832, Certificate 2699 was issued 11 Aug 1834
      6. He was granted a pension in 1834, for Revolutionary War, then in 1836 his pension was withdrawn, two
      brothers from Christian Co, KY., says they know and lived by him for 36 years and he was not in the war. (Peter
      and Henry Brame swear in court, Peter Bailey was not in the Rev.War.)
      7. Peter Bailey gives great detail of battles, who was the commanders, other men with him, locations and
      outcomes of battles. He received notification in 1843 winter that his pension will be reinstated, but he dies in
      1844 before he receives it.
      SOUTHERN BAILEYS VOL 3-NO 2 -p 279 (Donna Beers)
      Part of Pension Request of Peter Bailey
      Revolutionary War
      I was born the 9th day of October 1762 in Henrico County Virginia six miles
      below Richmond on James River. The first rudiments of lerning I got was in Warwick
      Town before the British burnt it. My ancestors was the first that settled at James Town
      in Virginia, William and Abraham Baileys, and I am one of the offspring of the latter.
      My Grand-father Abraham Bailey died in Henrico County. By his will left me three
      negros which was taken by the British, and I never got them nor pay. And at the time I
      was at the South in the American army. My mother dieing in Henrico. My father
      married again, and moved to Charlotte County Virginia, and from there to Mecklinburg
      County adjoining; near Grandville County, North Carolina. My father went in the army
      and left me with my stepmother. I left her and went in to Grandville County North
      Carolina and volunteered under Captain Richard Taylor of Grandville. And from the
      time I went in the army, I never was out for upward of two years. As you have in my
      former Declaration, up to Eutaw Springs, where I left off. I was somewhat indisposed at
      the Eutaw Springs. General Lawson of Charlotte County Virginia and General Buttler,
      of north Carolina told me that when I got so that I could to go home, so I did, with John
      Pimminton, Shadreck Whit, Mical Whitlow, William Scandling, John Lockling and John
      Consolver, every one of us had been wounded. Altho I had been wounded three times.
      I was the best off. As to John Consolver he had both arms cut off. I got in to my
      beloved state that I got my birth in after being gone upward of two years.
      In a few days after I had got in by beloved state and county they were about to
      raise troops to go to York Town. At a place called Abbets, now Coffin Point. I joint
      the tour of duty with the lot of Captain Richard Whitten. By signing many he did not
      go. Col. Yates and Col. Murray was the two Cols. of the County. They insisted that, I
      should take the command of the company. I refused until the soldiers cryed out take
      command and go with us. I did so as captain. We marched in four miles of Petersburg
      at the Rickory ground. There we was organized and I was with others sent back as
      supernumerary. Their endeth my military campaigns.
      I am about to write somethings as relates to the last war. I shall begin with the
      Pensilvany Ihsurgants. There was a call for men from the county by General Richard
      Fennon. There was a meeting among the men. The General applied to me to go and
      quell it. They will mind you, but me they will not, for many of them taut side by side
      with you. The General offered me the best horse that he had to go as Captain with the
      men, the men was desirous also. But I had married and had to settle a/c at home.
      When the Leopard Vessel belonging to the British attact the Chessepeak we had
      to order men. Pegram was our general. He tried to raise Volunteers but could not. I
      told him I thought that I could* I did so and raised them, and was appointed by the men
      as there Captain. If you ever have heard any thing derogatory the man and substance
      will be there respectfully received on the presention of this. I hope you will write to me.
      Hopkms County Kentucky
      This dependent: further sayeth not.
      Peter Bailey
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      NOTE** data from=geocities/heartland/fields/5171/7733
      He worked as a farmer and fought in the Revolutionary War in units from North Carolina. There is, however,
      substantial evidence that his claim for a military persion was fraudulent, that he was actually born in 1767 or
      1768, that he never served in the military, and that he was in fact a convict at the Penitentiary in Virginia.
      Children of Peter Bailey and Sarah Baker are:
      + 96 i. Otway Licepious5 Bailey, born September 19, 1794 in Mecklenburg Co, VA; died December 23, 1832.
      97 ii. Richard O Bailey, born Abt. 1795 in VA; died Abt. 1807 in Hopkins Co, KY.
      + 98 iii. Francis Baker Bailey, born May 1, 1796 in Mechlenberg Co, VA; died January 1855 in Pope Co, AR.
      99 iv. Jane Bressie Bailey, born August 3, 1798 in Mecklenburg Co, VA. She married ? Price.
      100 v. James Bailey, born 1800; died 1805.
      101 vi. Polly Bailey, born 1800 in Mecklenburg Co, VA; died June 27, 1809.
      102 vii. Peter A Bailey, born April 1802 in Mecklenburg Co, VA.
      103 viii. John Bailey, born December 10, 1804 in Mecklenburg Co, VA; died October 13, 1835.
      104 ix. William H Bailey, born August 1806 in Mecklenburg Co, VA; died Abt. 1835 in KY.
      Notes for William H Bailey:
      Mississippi Court Records (p 107) Hinds County Wills (p 114)
      Probated 26 Oct 1835 in Christian Co, KY, Proved by oath of William McKenzie.
      Legatees; brother Otway, to have $10; sister Jane Price to have $10; to brother Peter Bailey $10; sister
      Elizabeth A. Harrelson, gold watch and chain; sister-in-law, Evelina Bailey, a riding horse, to brother
      Francis Bailey and sister Elizabeth Harrelson, all Estate in Mississippi and Kentucky.
      105 x. Richard Abraham Bailey, born May 10, 1811 in Mecklenburg Co, VA; died Abt. 1820.
      106 xi. Branch Giles Bailey, born February 3, 1812 in Mecklenburg Co, VA; died September 5, 1824.
      + 107 xii. Elizabeth Mary Ann Bailey, born May 18, 1816 in VA; died May 18, 1896 in Nebo, KY.
      32. Andrew4 Bailey (Roger Cocke3, Abraham2, Abraham1) was born August 1, 1767 in Henrico Co, VA,
      and died October 10, 1852 in Charlotte Co, VA. He married Mary Ann Green July 12, 1802 in Charlotte Co,
      VA, daughter of John Green and Mildred Davis. She was born January 5, 1784 in Henrico Co, VA, and died
      Notes for Andrew Bailey:
      was baptized by Richard Dabbs before 1812 in Old Mossingford, VA
      Andrew Bailey/760 Alta Vista/Laguna Beach CA 92651
      London Family Bible as recorded by Harriette Bailey London (William & May Quarterly 2nd series Vol 12-pages
      (Included with London Bible)
      Andrew Bailey Sr. 8/1/1767-10/10/1852 Mary Anne Green 1/5/1784-4/29/1859
      Obedience Green Bailey 7/.28/1803-8/29/1844
      Peter Renard Bailey 6/7/1807-4/29/1843
      Andrew Bailey Jr. 4/4/1809-8/4/1872
      Mildred Maranda Bailey 3/29/1811-8/5/1878
      John Green Bailey 2/15/1813 m. Catherine
      Joseph Richard Bailey 1/25/1815-8/28/1857
      Daniel Edwin Bailey 2/17/1817-3/16/1884
      Mary Ann Zorada Bailey 4/17/1819 m. Wyatt B. Paris
      Seleuda Harriette Janette Bailey 8/1/1821-6/21/1887
      Obedience Green Bailey, oldest child of Andrew and Mary Ann (Green) Bailey m. --- Williamson
      and d. 8/29/1844
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      Included in London Bible)
      John Green, son of William and Amy, b. 11/10/1744 John Green intermarried with Mildred Davis
      11/25/1766 Mildred Davis b. 12/26/1742
      BIRTHS of Children of John and Mildred Green Jesse Davis Green 8/2311767
      PatsyGreen 1/28/1779 Nancy Green 2/22/1777
      Rebecca Green 1/15/1769 Amy Clay Green 2/3/1782 Coalman Green 9/13/1770
      Polly Ann Green 7/5/1784 Croxson Green 10/4/1772 Letty Green 7/13/1786
      Gressett Green 9/5/1774 Mildred Davis Green 7/17/1788
      John Green, son of William and Amy, 8/20/1828 Mildred Green, his consort, 10/17/1829
      Mrs. Mary A. Bailey, consort of Andrew Bailey, Sr. and dau. of John and Mildred Green
      She d. at Staunton View at res.of her son-in-law, Wyatt B. Paris, Esq and her remains were Buck Mountain 5/1/1859 where they now repose
      in solitude by the dust of her much loved husband. PER;
      1850 census Charlotte division, Charlotte Co, VA family 820 page 54a (Bailey census cd-Va-Donna Beers)
      Andrew 83 VA Planter $3,408
      Mary Ann 66 VA
      John Green 36 VA
      Children of Andrew Bailey and Mary Green are:
      + 108 i. Obedience Green5 Bailey, born July 28, 1803 in Charlotte Co, VA; died August 29, 1844 in Charlotte
      Co, VA.
      109 ii. Peter Renard Bailey, born June 7, 1807 in Charlotte Co, VA; died April 29, 1843 in Pittsylvania Co, VA.
      He married Mary Thompson February 15, 1841 in Pittsylvania Co, VA.
      Notes for Peter Renard Bailey:
      Peter R. Bailey d. 4/29/1843 at his res. in Pittsylvania Co., Va., eldest son of Andrew Bailey Sr. of
      Charlotte Co., Va., aged 36 yrs.
      + 110 iii. Andrew Bailey II, born April 4, 1809 in Charlotte Co, VA; died August 15, 1872 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      + 111 iv. Mildred Maranda Bailey, born March 29, 1811 in Charlotte Co, VA; died August 5, 1878.
      + 112 v. John Green Bailey, born February 15, 1813 in Charlotte Co, VA; died Abt. 1882 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      + 113 vi. Joseph Richard Bailey, born January 25, 1815 in Charlotte Co, VA; died August 28, 1857 in New Castle,
      Craig, VA.
      + 114 vii. Daniel Edwin Bailey,Capt., born February 17, 1817 in Charlotte Co, VA; died March 16, 1884 in Big
      Island, Bedford Co, VA.
      + 115 viii. Mary Ann Zorada Bailey, born April 17, 1819 in Charlotte Co, VA.
      116 ix. Seleuda Harriette Janette Bailey, born August 1, 1821 in Charlotte Co, VA; died June 21, 1887. She
      married William Augustus London April 13, 1842; born June 18, 1821; died August 2, 1888.
      Notes for William Augustus London:
      William A. London m. Harriette Bailey 4/13/1842 by Rev. E. W. Roach
      Inf. dau. of W. A. and H. London, b. 3/1/1843, and being stillborn was bur. at Poplar Grove on
      the morning of the 2nd Second dau. of W. A. and H. London b. 1/13th and d. 3/20/1844
      33. Richard R4 Bailey (Roger Cocke3, Abraham2, Abraham1) was born April 22, 1770 in Henrico Co, VA,
      and died 1825 in Hopkins Co, KY. He married Nancy Anne Brown January 12, 1795 in Mecklenberg Co, VA,
      daughter of Thomas Brown and Mary Pettus. She was born 1774 in Mecklenberg Co, VA, and died 1859 in
      Henderson Co, KY.
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      Notes for Richard R Bailey:
      Allison Lemon/2121 San Carlos Blvd/Ft Meyers Beach FL 33931
      Clarice Winfrey/1720 E.57th Pl/Tula,OK 74105
      Will-20 Feb 1825/Hopkins Co,KY IGI-VA
      Diana Brown-McCarthy-5001 Shady Court-Evansville, Ind 47712-4245 (jan99)
      Ky Family Records Vol 4 p73
      Census Hopkins Co, KY 1810-20-30-40
      Hopkins Co, Wills 1820-43-7217508 microfiche-SLC film 8204332 SLC
      Richard Bailey dated 20 Feb 1825, Hopkins Co, KY
      dec'd. Will. Wife Nancy,445 acres of land including mansion home. 400 acres of of land granted to dec'd. as
      assignee by Andrew Phillips. Stock and slaves granted to said wife.
      To son Richard H. Bailey and Alexander H. Bailey, tract of land purchased from Benj. Stockes, being in Hopkins
      Co. on waters of Deer Creek. To Son Richard
      H. Bailey, house & orchard on said tract of land' To son Richard H., negro
      slave, Bob. To son Alexander H., negro slave, Ned and $600. To son-in-law, Chelsey D. Key & his heirs, 2 tracts
      of land on waters of Deer Creek,
      containing 100 acres patented in dec'd name as assignee of John Russel, & another tract containing 127 acres,
      patented to dec'd as assignee of John
      Leeper. If son-in-law, Chelsey D. Key, discharges a debt due by dec'd to
      Obadiah Smith of Hendeson County of $960,said will be given negroes, Yarman and Charles. If does not
      discharge debt,said negroes to be sold and applied to debt owed to Smith. To Daughter Narcissa Key, wife of
      Chelsey D. Key, a negro child named Joel. To son-in-law, Jefferson Key & his heirs, 400 acres of land situated on
      waters of Poplar Creek, a branch of Deer Creek, patented to dec'd
      as assignee of John Russell who was assignee of S. Hicks, also negro slave,Harriet. To son George Washington
      Bailey & Thomas Jefferson Bailey, one equal moiety of two tracts of land on Deer Creek. One tract contains 200
      acres & was patented to dec'd as assignee of John Russel who was assignee of Sarah Lewis. Other tract contains
      200 acres and patented to dec'd as assignee
      of John Leeper on Jan. 18,181 0. To son George Washington and his heirs, negro man slave named John,
      horse,saddle,&bridle, bed & furniture, when he arrives
      at the age 21. To son Thomas Jefferson & his heirs, negro man slave named Cary, hore, saddle, bridle,bed,
      furniture, when he arrives at age of 21. To
      Daughter Jane Bailey & her heirs, 200 acres of land being on Deer Creek,
      patented to dec'd as assignee to John Leeper on Dee 10 181 0, and slaves Mysouri & America, horse saddle
      bridle, bed, furniture, to be paid to her at
      21. To son John P. Bailey & his heirs, after decease of wife, 445 cares of
      land with its appurtenances. To son John P. Bailey & his heirs, negro slave, Spencer, horse, saddle, bridle,
      bed,furniture, when he arrives at age 21. To grandson William Giler son of Samuel Giler & his late wife(
      daughter Tiny
      Giler) negro slave, Madrid, after the death of wife. After death of wife to
      children, George Washington Bailey, Thomas Jefferson Bailey, John P. Bailey, & Jane Bailey, following Slaves
      herein before devised to wife,Will, Starling &
      Dolly. Estate real & personal, be sold and debts paid with overplus money to
      go to children to be divided in 1/8th part to each. All other estate not
      mentioned to be sold at wifes death, with debts of wife to be paid & overplus money to go to children in 1/8th
      parts. Minor children, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Jane & John P. Bailey, shall reside with wife until
      reaches ages 21 or marries. Wife to manage & control land & slaves herein before devised to children. Chisley D.
      Key to remain on farm as a overseer until
      next crop be finished. Aged Slave Sally to live with any of the family she
      chooses. To wife all vitals that may be on hand.
      Ex. John Ray, Alexander H. Bailey& Samuel Woodson.
      Feb. 20 1825
      John B. Ruby, John Browder & Beckley Jackson Ap. 1825- pages 193-198
      # 5 Abraham Bailey
      Notes for Nancy Anne Brown:
      Notes for ANN "NANCY" BROWN: from; Susan jan00
      Nancy Brown. She was born 29 May 1775, Mecklenburg Co. VA (I have
      this in her own handwriting in Wm. Deupree's family record). She married Richard H. Bailey in Mecklenburg Co.
      VA on 12 Jan 1795. This is in the published book of Meck. Co. ma
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    Family 1 John Browne,   b. Est 1610, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown, Surry Co., Virginia Colony Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Children of John Browne and Temperance Bailey
      John, Martha and Mary Browne
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    Family 2 Richard of Pickthorn Farm Cocke,   b. 1597, Stottensden, Parish, Shropshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1663, Mamburne Hills, Henrico Co., Virginia [now Malvern] Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 66 years) 
    Married Est 1632 
    +1. Capt. Thomas2 of Pickthorn Farm Cocke/Cox,   b. Est 1641, Malvern Hills, Henrico County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 10 Dec 1696, Henrico Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 55 years)
    +2. Richard2 of Bremo Cocke/Cox,   b. 10 Dec 1639, Shropshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 20 Nov 1706, Henrico Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 66 years)
    +3. John2 Cocke/Cox,   b. Est 1648, Virginia Colony Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1696, Henrico Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 48 years)
    +4. William2 Cocke/Cox,   b. Est 1672, Goochland, Virginia Colony Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 1736, Henrico Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 64 years)
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  • Photos
    Temperance Bailey Sailor's Creek
    Temperance Bailey Sailor's Creek
    5223Temperance Bailey.jpg

    THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST Volume 30 No.1 Jan-Mar 1986 Richard Cocke; Thomas Cocke, Cicily Phippen Reynolds, Bailey, Jordan, Farrar; 1784 Celebration of GEORGE WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY, POVALL CARTER'S ESTATE
    THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST Volume 30 No.1 Jan-Mar 1986 Richard Cocke; Thomas Cocke, Cicily Phippen Reynolds, Bailey, Jordan, Farrar; 1784 Celebration of GEORGE WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY, POVALL CARTER'S ESTATE
    TheVaGeneaologist-Vol30 No1jan-mar-1986.pdf

    Cicily Phippen Saga
    Cicily Phippen Saga
    The Baileys
    The Baileys
    5458 braham Bailey (1).pdf

  • Notes 
    • Cecily Reynolds
      Also Known As: "Sisley Greene", "Cicely Bayley", "Cecily Jordan", "Cicily Farrar", "Sisley", "The first southern belle", "Cicely", "Cecily", "Baley", "Farrar", "REYNOLDS", "Jordon", "Jordan", "Cicely Jane Reynolds", "Jordan Farrar", "Sisley Jordan"
      Birthdate: circa 1601
      Birthplace: Dorset, England
      Death: September 12, 1660 (55-63)
      Charles City, Virginia
      Immediate Family:
      Daughter of N.N. and N.N.
      Wife of Thomas Bailey, of Charles City; Samuel Jordan, of Jordan's Journey and Councillor William Farrar
      Mother of Temperance Cocke; Mary Jordan; Margaret Jordan; Cecily Farrar; Col. William Farrar and 1 other
      Occupation: "Ancient Planter"

  • Sources 
    1. [S130] Wikipedia,
      Cicely "Reynolds" Bailey Jordan Farrar From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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      Cicely "Reynolds" Bailey Jordan Farrar (or Cecily, Cecely, Cicily, or even Sislye) is commonly found listed under the name Cicely Reynolds or Cicely Reynolds Bailey. She was born in England about 1600, immigrated to Jamestown on the Swan in 1610, and died in Virginia, presumably in the mid- to late 1600s. As such, she was one of the first European-born women to reach the New World. It is not known with any certainty why she left England, nor with whom she traveled. Further, her maiden name cannot be said, with much confidence, to have been "Reynolds", although that name is usually applied to her. The earliest mention of her is in The muster of the inhabitants the Colledge land in Virginia taken the 23rd January 1624/25 in which she is listed as "Sisley Jordan".

      Her first husband, a man named Bailey, fathered Cicely's first child, Temperance Bailey, but died soon thereafter. By the time she was 20, she had remarried, to Samuel Jordan, who had founded a settlement on the James River, "Jordan's Journey". She had at least one, and perhaps several children with Samuel Jordan. During the course of that second marriage, Cicely encountered two men who were soon to compete to become her third spouse.

      A major Indian attack occurred against the Europeans in 1622, and Jordan's Journey, being well-fortified, was one of the few local plantations to survive. Samuel Jordan died the next year, 1623.

      Cicely, in her early 20s, again found herself the object of male devotion. In fact, there were rivals. Mr. or Rev. Greville Pooley, often characterized as a local parson, apparently soon declared his interest in her. So fervent was his courtship that he believed he had succeeded in winning Cicely's somewhat worn hand. Shortly, though, it became obvious that Cicely preferred William Farrar, and intended to choose him. During the Indian attack of 1622, the young Farrar had taken refuge at Jordan's Journey, had somehow failed to leave, and so was very well known to her.

      Mr. Pooley took his case to the authorities. According to The Records of the Virginia Company of London (vol. 4, p. 218):
      ? Captain Isack Maddeson sworne and examined saith that (as near as he remenbeth) the first motion to him by Mr. Grivell, touching a match with Mrs. Jordan was about three or four days after the Mr. Jordan?s death, who entreating this examinant to move the matter to her, he answered he was unwilling to meddle in any such business; but being urged by him he did move it. Mrs. Jordan replied that she would as willingly have him as any other, but she would not marry any man until she delivered. After this Mr. Pooley (having had some private talk with Mrs. Jordan) told this examinant that he had contracted himself unto her, and desired him and his wife to be witnesses of it, whereupon Mr. Pooley desiring a dram of Mrs. Jordan, and she bidding her servant fitch it said he would have it of her fetching or not at all. Then she went into a room, and the examinant and Mr. Pooley went to her, but whether she were privy to his intent this examinant knoweth not; when Mr. Pooley was come of her, he told her he would contract himself unto her and spake these words. I Grivell Pooley take thee Sysley to my wedded wife, to have and to hold till death us depart and there to I plight thee my troth. Then (holding her by the hand) he spake these words I Sysley take thee Grivell to my wedded husband, to have and to hold till death us depart; but this examinant heard not her say any of those words, neither doth he remember that Mr. Pooley asked her whether she did consent to those words or that she did answer ant things which he understood. then Mr. Pooley and she drank each to other and he kissed her and spake these words, I am thine and thou art mine till death us separate. Mrs. Jordan then desired that it might not be revealed that she did so soon bestow her love, after her husbands death; whereupon Mr. Pooley promised before God that he would not reveal it, till she thought the time fitting.

      Mary Maddeson sworne and examined saith, that she was not present at the making of the supposed contract between Mr. Pooley and Mrs. Jordan say if Mr. Pooley had not revealed it he might have fared better and saith further that her husband told her that night, that Mrs. Jordan had made her self sure to Mr. Pooley, but what words passed her husband did not particularly repeat, but spake of their drinking to the other and of Mr. Pooley saluting her.

      John Harris sworne and examined saith that he heard Mrs. Jordan say tha Mr. Pooley maught thank himself for he might fared the better but for his own words.
      Historic marker from the Virginia Dept. Historic Resources, at the site of "Jordan's Journey", on the south shore of the James River near Hopewell, Virginia, mentioning Cicely Jordan in the closing sentence.

      Mr. Pooley apparently had the ingenious idea of marrying Cicely as both groom and parson, and greatly speeding up the whole process by combining proposal with ceremony. His argument was, essentially, the New World?s first breach-of-promise suit. He continued the suit for years, but, meanwhile, Cicely married William Farrar, an attorney himself. The legal problems with Mr. Pooley ended with his death during an Indian battle in about 1629. Farrar, it is believed, died a few years later, in about 1635, after Cicely had had two Farrar children.

      Cicely is often credited with two further marriages after the death of William Farrar: to Peter Montague and to Thomas Parker. These marriages, though, are not well-documented, and may merely be the consequence of several different women named "Cicely" being combined in various records.

      Her date of death is unknown.

      Perry, Octavia Jordan (1969). These Jordans Were Here. O. J. Perry (private). pp. 351 pp.

      Russey, John Wesley (1971). The Family History of Charles Wesley Jordan of Georgia. Unpublished typescript available at LDS Family History Library: Salt Lake City UT. pp. 24 pp.

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      Kingsbury, Susan, ed. (1906-33). The Records of the Virginia Company of London. Government Printing Office: Washington DC. 4 vols.

      McIlwaine, H. R., ed. (1908-15). Journals of the House of Burgesses. Library Board, Virginia State Library: Richmond VA. 13 vols.

      McIlwaine, H. R., ed. (1924). Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia. Library Board, Virginia State Library: Richmond VA.. pp. 667 pp.

      Ingersoll, Louise Van Harlingen (undated). The muster of the inhabitants the Colledge land in Virginia taken the 23rd January 1624/25 : transcribed from the original in the State Paper Office, American & West Inds. vol. 447. Unpublished typescript available at LDS Family History Library: Salt Lake City UT.

      "Cecily (b. 1600, d. Abt. 1662)" in From Virginia Through the Southwest

    2. [S178] The Virginia Genealogist.
      THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST Volume 30, No. 1 Jan-Mar 1986 Page 30

      The preponderance of evidence that Temperance Baley was indeed the widow of John Browne necessitates revisions about Richard Cocke of Bremo which follow:

      Richard Cocke (1602-1665) Born in the Parish of Stottensden, Shropshire, England; immigrated to the Colony of Virginia ca. 1627; resided in Charles City Co., until ca. 1638, when he moved to Bremo, Henrico Co., where he died and is buried. In 1632 he represented Weyanoke, Charles City Co. in the Grand Assembly; in 1644 and in 1654--55, he represented Henrico County. Married, first, ca 1632, Temperance Baley (Bailey, Bayley) (1617 possibly ca 1652) daughter of ___ __ and Sisley ([Reynolds]_?) Baley Jordan- Farrar
      Their first child was THOMAS COCKE (1638/9-1697), who in 1672 referred to himself as 'Thomas cocke of Pickthorn Farm in the County of Henrico."

    3. [S89] Facebook.
      Van Malone
      Virginia Genealogy Network
      This is what I found about my 12 gg grandmother today and wanted to share. I wanted to see if anyone here is related and has additional info: (12th) Temperance Bailey(1617 ? 1652) (LY5R-1JY) was born in Bailey?s Point, Charles Cittie, VA and died in Charles City County, VA(FAG# 28912713). Between 1629 ? 1630 in Virginia, she married John Browne(1609 ? 1632) (GMX6-7M7). He was born in Weymouth, Dorset, England and died in Northampton, VA. Browne, John, was a burgess for Shirley Hundred in 1629. They had 3 children; John, Martha and Mary.
      Here is land laid out for CHARLES CiTTlE and the Comon Land. The Territory of Great Weyonoke. By Pattent. Christopher Harding ... 100 acres William Baily 50 Richard Pratt 150 William Jarret 200 CAPT. Jo. WOODLIFFE 5 SO Temperance Baily 200 Samuell Jordan 450 planted. Temperance Baily 200 planted. Isaac Chaplin 200 planted. Capt. Nathaniell Powle . 600 The Original lists of persons of quality, emigrants, religious exiles, political rebels, serving men sold for a term of years, apprentices, children stolen, maidens pressed, and others who went from Great Britain to the American plantations, 1600-1700 : with their ages, the localities where they formerly lived in the mother country, the names of the ships in which they embarked, and other interesting particulars, from mss. preserved in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty's Public Record Office, England
      Book on various people who lived in Colonial Virginia: Ancient Planters, landowners, Councillors, Burgess, residents, vestrymen, Members of the Virginia Company, etc... John Browne Burgess 1629 Shirley Hundred
      Temperance also married Richard Cocke. She was the daughter of Thomas & Cecily (Reynolds) Bailey. They had two children; Thomas Cocke & Richard Cocke. Minutes of the Cort (Court) at James City the 5th day of June 1632 Having settled the debts of the Estate of John Browne, and married his relic (widow), Richard Cocke is awarded payment for his work as executor and for the bringing up of John Brownes children until they come of age
      THE MUSTER OF THE INHABITANTS OF JORDAN'S JOURNEY and CHAPLAIN CHOICE TAKEN THE 21TH OF JANUARY 1624. THE MUSTER OF Mr WILLIAM FERRAR & Mrs JORDAN WILLIAM FERRAR aged 31 yeares (years) in the Neptune in August 1618. SISLEY JORDAN aged 24 yeres in the Swan in August 1610. MARY JORDAN her daughter aged 3 yeares} MARGARETT JORDAN aged 1 yeare} borne heare(born here) TEMPERANCE BALEY aged 7 yeares}(There is a single bracket three lines high to the right of the three daughters names, then the words "borne heare" indicating all three girls born in Virginia. William Farrar's age listed as 31 is incorrect. He was ten years older.)
      From Persons of Quality: "A List of Names of the Living in Virginia, February the 16th, 1623." "Living at Jordan's Journey Sislye Jordan Temperance BAYLIFE [BAILEY]Mary JORDAN Margery JORDAN William FARRAR..." 37 more names follow the above listed.
      Jordan's Journey, Charles Cittie (City), Virginia, British Colonial America
      Temperance was living at the Jordan family plantation Beggar's Bush (Jordan's Journey) when on March 22 1622 the Powhatan Confederacy launched a concerted attack colony wide in an attempt to drive the English settlers from Virginia. Thanks to her step-fathers foresight in building their home as a fortified well defended compound, their family and their neighbors survived the attacks that came to be known as 'the Jamestown Indian Massacre'.Almost 1/3 of the English colonists died that day but everyone at Beggar's Bush survived.
      There is a historical marker in Virginia honoring Temperance Bailey, ?K 206 Bailey?s Creek?.
      Author; Van Malone

    4. [S40] Will,
      4 October 1663
      In the name of God Amen I Richard Cocke Sen?r being at present in perfect health & memorie for which I render hearty thanks to Almighty God my Creator Yet Considering the uncertainty of this transitory life have therefore for the peaceable settling the little Estate God in his Goodness hath given me made and ordained this my last will and testament hereby reversing all former wills at any time made by me. Imprimis I bequeath my Soule to God that gave it trusting in the merits of my Redeemer to obtain a joyfull Ressurection & my bodie to the grave to be Interred in my Orchard near my first Wife decently according to the Usual solumnities of the Church of England & my estate I dispose as followeth. It. After my debts are paid I give & bequeath the one third of all my estate whether in land or Chattels to my loving wife Mary Cocke. The sd third of the land to be held by her for her natural life & no longer & it is hereby declared that my will is that she lay no Claime to any part of that land formerly given by me to my sons Thomas & Richard Cocke but that they enjoy the same entirely to them and their heirs according to a deed of gift thereof recorded in the Henrico Court.

      It. I give & bequeath to my sons William & John the residue of that dividend of land not disposed of by the aforesaid deed of gift & the will always excepting in the gift the 640 a. called Bremo to be held to them & their heirs forever to be equally divided between them when the come of age. I give and bequeath the afore excepted 640 a. of land to my Eldest Son Richard Cocke, the heir males of his body lawfully begotten, for want of such I give to my son Thomas Cocke & the Heir males of his body lawfully begotton, for want of such issue to my son William Cocke & the heir males of his body lawfully begotten, & for want of such heir males, to the heir males of John Cocke, & for want of such to the heir males of Richard Cocke, My Youngest Son, provided always that my first named son Richard if Live to inherit it or any other of my sons or their heirs, that after my decease first possess the sd land, shall pay to my daughter Elizabeth Cocke for her portion one hundred pounds sterling & if he & they shall resist payment or fail of making good payment of the said Sum to the sd. Elizabeth when she attained the age of Seaventeen years or at the day of her Marriage, which shall first happen, then the sd land to be extended to the use of the sd Eliz: until the said Sum by the Annuall value of the land shall be accomplished in the Case the sd Elizabeth should die before either of the sd terms of 17 years of age or Marriage, then my will is that the sd hundred pounds be paid to my other children by my now wife, equal portion as they shall attain lawful age.

      It. I give & bequeath to my now youngest son Richard Cocke & his heirs seaven hundred and fifty acres of Land out of the pattent of land taken up jointly between Mr. John Beauchamp & my self of which seaventeen hundred and fifty acres belong to me, the residue of which seaventeen hundred & fifty I have already given & hereby Confirm to my sons Thomas Cocke & Richard Cocke the older & their heirs. And for my personall Estate I do hereby acknowledge that all the Cattle of my older Son Richard & the hogs being of a distinct rank & all known by my Cozen Daniell & confirm they being never by me refuted as any part of my proper Estate. As for the rest of my Estate my wifes third being deducted I give to be equally divided between my Children by my present wife Mary Cocke, willing that the Mares & Stock of Cattle & Sheep run in Common for their joint benefit & as any of my said Children come of Age, that they receive their equall portion of the female Stock then in being & all the males Tawear [?] to the Guardian of my children.

      It. I give & bequeath to my Couzen Daniell Jordan as much manored land as he & his hands shall be able & well manned & with a Hoame during his life or abode in this Country provided he accept the same upon these Tuwear [?] Vizt. to employ himself & one Hand more my Son finding home & Seede & all houseing & taccling belonging to it & one hand more & to have my said Cozen the third part of this ___din of all ___ labours.

      Item. My will is that in Case my Son Thomas Cocke will looke to the Mill for the use of my other Children until they come of Age, that then he shall have for his paines & care the grinding of his Corn to be free & three thousand p?dd of Tobacco & C to come out of the profits my wife?s Children?s estate ?.

      It. I make my loving Wife Mary Cocke & my Sons Thomas & Richard Cocke to be my Executors of this my will, appointing my wife the Guardian for all my Young Children born of her until they come of age & in Case of her decease then my said Sons Thomas & Richard. It. I desire & request the justices of the County of Henrico in whose fatherly Care & integrity towards the Widow and fatherless Ine___se much Confidence to bee my Overseers of this my last will & Testament & to take Care that it be performed according to the true Intent & meaning thereof. Dated under my hand and Seale this fourth day of October 1665.

      Rich?d Cocke Senr.

    5. [S107] Family Histories.
      Richard Cocke of Henrico, Virginia By Steven R. Day, in Unknown Source. [possibly from Magazine of Virginia Genealogy 45 (3)]
      Richard Cocke of Henrico, Va By Steven R. Day
      November 1, 2007
      English Origins
      The Parish of Stottesdon lies in Shropshire, England. (Another name for Shropshire is Salop). In the late 1500s, the Parish of Stottesdon consisted of about sixteen small communities including Pickthorn, Walfurlong, the Heath, Walton, and Stottesdon. Most of these communities had between three and ten families. Stottesdon had about twenty families. This was the time of Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare.

      Pickthorn dates back to a bit before 1165. In 1582, Pickthorn belonged to John Purslow who leased the land to about four families. William Cocke and his brother, Thomas Cocke, headed two of these families. Other members of the Cocke family lived nearby in Walfurlong and the Heath. William and Elizabeth Cocke had sons named Richard, Thomas, William, John, a daughter named Margery all of whom were unmarried in November of 1582. They also had a daughter who married Thomas Deuxhill. William and Elizabeth may have also had a son, Robert. It was in 1582 that William (the father) died at Pickthorn.[i][1]

      In the winter of 1596, Elizabeth Cocke was living in the parish of Stottesdon (probably in Walton) at the home of her son-in-law, Thomas Deuxhill.[ii][2] She was very ill. Elizabeth?s granddaughters, Mary and Joyce Deuxhill, had spent three nights watching over Elizabeth. In the early hours of Christmas morning, Elizabeth realized that death would soon claim her. She asked Mary to call her son, John Cocke, who was sleeping in another room of the house. That same morning, Roger Deuxhill (brother of Mary and Joyce), arose early and set out from his home for a trip to Bewdley Market. On his way, he stopped to check on his grandmother, Elizabeth. It was about the break of day when Roger entered the house and found Mary and Joyce (his sisters) with John Cocke (his uncle) gathered to hear the last will and testament of Elizabeth. Elizabeth directed that all debts due from her son, Thomas, should be forgiven. All the rest of her tangible possessions were to be given to Elizabeth?s son, John. Elizabeth lived another three days.

      Thomas Cocke (son of William and Elizabeth) married and had a daughter, Eleanor, who was baptized in the Parish of Stottesdon.[iii][3] Thomas also had a son, Richard Cocke, who was baptized on December 13, 1597 in the Parish of Sidbury, which is just over one mile to the northeast of Pickthorn.[iv][4] On this cold winter day, the choice of the Parish of Sidbury was about 1/4 mile closer than the Parish of Stottesdon. It was this Richard Cocke of Pickthorn who would later travel to Virginia.

      Settlement in Jamestown

      Three ships carrying the first 105 settlers sailed from London in December of 1606. In May of 1607, they arrived at what would become Jamestown, Virginia. The first supply ship returned with 100 to 120 additional settlers in January of 1608 to find only 38 survivors of the original settlers. By the end of 1609, a total of between 500 to 735 people had come to Jamestown. In May of 1610, another ship arrived and found only 60 survivors. Ninety percent of the colonists had died during the first three years due to starvation, disease, and Indian attacks.

      In August of 1610, the Swan arrived at Jamestown from London. The Swan was about the seventeenth ship to bring settlers to Jamestown, Virginia. A young girl named Cecily was one of the passengers. She was about ten years old. When Cecily was about 16 years old, she married a man named Baley. They had a daughter named Temperance Baley near 1617. Cecily?s husband died within the next few years.

      Life in early Jamestown was harsh. As previously mentioned, many colonists died from starvation, disease, or Indian attacks. Any woman needed a husband to provide protection and food. Cecily married for a second time to Samuel Jordan. It was in 1620 that Samuel was recognized for 10 years and Cecily was recognized for nine years in Virginia. Cecily was about 20 years old. This would have been young in England, but was not young in Jamestown. Any person who had lived 10 years in Jamestown had survived through difficult trials. Both Samuel and Cecily were given the titles of ?Ancient Planters? and granted land. Samuel was granted 450 acres of land and Cecily was granted 100 acres of land.[v][5] This was just outside of Jamestown at the confluence of the James and Appotomattox Rivers. Samuel named his land ?Jordan?s Journey?.

      The document that granted land to Samuel and Cecily Jordan (in 1620) noted that it was adjacent to land owned by Temperance Baley (Cecily?s daughter) who would have been only 3 years old at the time. Temperance had inherited her land from her father. On March 22, 1622, the Pohatan Indians launched a massacre killing 347 of the settlers at and near Jamestown. One survivor rowed out to Jordan?s Journey providing a warning that the Indians were coming. This gave time to prepare and few lives were lost at Jordan?s Journey. It seems a horrible reality that if Cecily?s first husband had not died, it is likely that Cicely and Temperance would not have survived the Indian massacre.

      Temperance Baley married John Browne when she was about 13 years old. They had two children. John died after they had been married only two years.

      By 1632, Richard Cocke had come from Pickthorn, England to Virginia. He married John Browne?s widow, Temperance Baley, and provided 6,397 pounds of tobacco to pay for the debts of John Browne. Richard Cocke was extremely successful in Virginia. In 1636, Richard Cocke received 3000 acres of land for the transportation of 60 people to Virginia.[vi][6] Richard Cocke and Temperance had two children. Their first son, Thomas, was named after Richard?s father. Their second son was named Richard. Temperance died rather young.

      In 1639, Virginia was realizing that they needed to control the quality and quantity of tobacco that they were growing in order to keep prices up. The General Assembly mandated the destruction and burning of excess and low quality tobacco. No more than twelve hundred thousand pounds was to be grown for the year and for the next two years. Fourteen viewers were appointed for Henrico County. Richard Cocke and two others were appointed for Curles, Bremo, and Turkey Island.[vii][7]

      Richard Cocke later married Mary Aston. Richard and Mary had five children. Their first son, William, was named after Richard?s uncle and grandfather. Their second son, John, was named after Richard?s uncle. Their third son was named Richard. To differentiate the two sons named Richard, the son by Richard?s first wife, Temperance, was called Richard the Elder. The son by Richard?s second wife, Mary, was called Richard the Younger. Richard and Mary had a third child, Elizabeth, named after Richard?s grandmother. Richard and Mary also had a fifth child, Edward who was born shortly after Richard?s death.

      Over the years, Richard Cocke continued to build his plantations. He owned three plantations named Curles, Bremo, and Malvern Hills. These totaled over 7,000 acres of land. These plantations that Richard Cocke had built would remain in the family for generations.

      When Richard Cocke wrote his last will and testament in 1665, he asked to be buried in his orchard near his first wife (Temperance). Richard was 68 years old when he was buried at Bremo, but only his two oldest sons had reached the age of majority. Richard asked his oldest son, Thomas, to operate his mill to provide for the rest of the children until they should come of age.

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      Unknown source.

      12. RICHARD4 COCKE (THOMAS3, WILLIAM2, COCKE1) was born 1597 in Stottesdon, Shropshire, England (Source: Parish Register of Sidbury, Shropshire, England, The year of our Lord God 1597. Richard Cocke the son of Thomas Cocke was baptized the thirteenth day of December.), and died 1665 in Bremo, Henrico County, Virginia. He married (1) TEMPERANCE BALEY Bef. June 5, 1632, daughter of BALEY and CECILY. She was born Abt. 1617 in Jamestown, Virginia, and died Unknown. He married (2) MARY ASTON Aft. 1639. She died Unknown.

      Children of RICHARD COCKE and TEMPERANCE BALEY are:
      13.i. THOMAS5 COCKE, b. Abt. 1639, Bremo, Henrico County, Virginia; d. December 10, 1696, Malvern Hills, Henrico County, Virginia.

      ii. RICHARD COCKE, b. December 10, 1639, Virginia (Source: Wm. & Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, 2nd Series, Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 133-136, HERE LYES INTERRED THE BO[DY OF] RICHARD COCKE [S]ON OF RICHARD COCKE OF B[REMO] HE WAS BORN THE 10th DA[Y OF D]ECEMBER 1639 AND D[E]PARTE[D L]IFE THE 20th OF NOVEMBER 17[06].); d. November 20, 1706, Bremo, Henrico, Virginia.

      Children of RICHARD COCKE and MARY ASTON are:
      iii. WILLIAM5 COCKE, d. Unknown.
      iv. JOHN COCKE, d. Unknown.
      v. RICHARD COCKE, b. Virginia; d. Unknown, Virginia.
      vi. ELIZABETH COCKE (Source: Last will and testament of Richard Cocke - October 4, 1665, Names all children except Edward (not yet born). Then names wife, Mary, and sons, Thos & Richard Cocke Senr., as executors. Appoints "... my Wife the Guardian for all my Younger Children born of her -- until they come to age...". No other arrangements are made for the guardianship of his minor daughter, Elizabeth.), b. Aft. 1648 (Source: Last will and testament of Richard Cocke - October 4, 1665, Refers to daughter "... Elizabeth when she attains the age of Seaveneteen years..."); d. Aft. 1678.
      vii. EDWARD COCKE, b. Abt. 1666; d. Unknown.