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Henrico Co., Colonial Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Archer, John  Est 1660Henrico Co., Colonial Virginia I17141 My Reynolds Line 
2 Bolling, Ann  Est 1713Henrico Co., Colonial Virginia I17121 My Reynolds Line 
3 Bolling, Elizabeth [Kennon]  Est 1707Henrico Co., Colonial Virginia I17119 My Reynolds Line 
4 Bolling, Jane [Kennon]  Est 1702Henrico Co., Colonial Virginia I17117 My Reynolds Line 
5 Bolling, Martha  Est 1710Henrico Co., Colonial Virginia I17120 My Reynolds Line 
6 Bolling, Mary 'Kennon'  Est 1704Henrico Co., Colonial Virginia I17118 My Reynolds Line 
7 Carter, Elizabeth 'Betsy' Gannaway  Abt 1770Henrico Co., Colonial Virginia I547450766 My Reynolds Line 
8 Carter, Richard 'Gunsmith'  Abt 1720Henrico Co., Colonial Virginia I13984 My Reynolds Line 
9 Eldridge, Thomas  Est 1705Henrico Co., Colonial Virginia I17124 My Reynolds Line 
10 Gay, William  Abt 1705Henrico Co., Colonial Virginia I17123 My Reynolds Line 

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