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John of Goochland Bibb, Sr.

Male Abt 1703 - 1769  (~ 66 years)

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

Richard Bibb
Male 1752-1839
Lucy Booker
Female Abt 1755-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Holcomb Bibb
Female 1797-Abt 1834
Martha 'Patsy' Fuqua
Female Abt 1777-Yes, date unknown
John Bibb, III
Male 1771-1813
William Bibb, Jr.
Male Abt 1768-1791
Henry Bibb
Female 1810-Yes, date unknown
Susan Bibb
Female 1820-
Mary Bibb
Female 1826-
John Bibb
Male 1824-
Branch Holcomb Bibb
Male Abt 1780-Yes, date unknown
Lucy Scott
Female 1785-Yes, date unknown
Thomas Holcombe Bibb
Male Abt 1768-Yes, date unknown
Susannah Clark Bibb
Female Abt 1765-Bef 1800
Capt. Samuel Carter
Male Abt 1754-1830
Sarah 'Sally' Bibb
Female Abt 1777-Yes, date unknown
Nancy Bibb
Female Abt 1775-Yes, date unknown
Arthur Moseley
Male 1669-Yes, date unknown
James Bibb Clark/Clarke
Male 1769-Yes, date unknown
Richard Clark/Clarke
Male Est 1772-Yes, date unknown
James Clark/Clarke
Male Est 1732-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Bigger
Female 1747-Yes, date unknown
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Thomas Bigger
Male Est 1749-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Carpenter
Female Est 1750-Yes, date unknown
John Carter
Male Abt 1773-Bef 1840
Mary "Polly" Bigger
Female Est 1772-1864
New chart
Thomas 'Tommy' Carter
Male Abt 1785-Yes, date unknown
Mary Powell
Female Abt 1775-Yes, date unknown
New chart
William Carter
Male Abt 1777-1805
New chart
Mary O. "Polly" Carter
Female Abt 1780-1868
Mastin J. dna Powell
Male Abt 1776-1846
New chart
Lemuel dna Carter
Male Est 1781-1861
Martha "Patsy" Powell
Female Abt 1785-1861
New chart
Margaret Walker
Female Abt 1800-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Mary 'Polly' Turner
Female Est 1789-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Nancy [Bigger] Carter
Female Abt 1788-Abt 1862
Samuel Satterfield
Male Abt 1786-Abt 1840
New chart
Susannah Bigger
Female Abt 1752-Aft 1805
David dna Powell
Male Abt 1739-Bef 1802
Thomas Watkins
Male Abt 1765-Yes, date unknown
Sarah H. 'Sally' Bigger
Female Est 1753-Yes, date unknown
John Biggar/Bigger
Male Est 1780-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Bigger
Female Est 1882-Yes, date unknown
James Bibb Bigger
Male Est 1755-Yes, date unknown
Mary Devin
Female Abt 1757-Aft 1802
John Bigger, Jr.
Male Est 1745-Yes, date unknown
Martha Booker
Female Est 1742-Yes, date unknown
John Bigger, Sr.
Male Est 1728-Abt 1814
James Bibb
Male Abt 1739-1820
Sarah 'Sally' Farrar
Female Abt 1745-Yes, date unknown
William Bibb Scott
Male Est 1783-Bef 1833
John W. Scott
Male Est 1788-Yes, date unknown
Lucy Scott
Female 1785-Yes, date unknown
Branch Holcomb Bibb
Male Abt 1780-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Mildred Smith Scott
Female Est 1780-Yes, date unknown
Ballard Davenport
Male Est 1777-Yes, date unknown
Susannah 'Elizabeth' Bibb
Female Abt 1763-Yes, date unknown
Captain John Scott
Male Est 1760-1791
James Richard Clarke
Male Abt 1760-Yes, date unknown
Hannah Clark/Clarke
Female Abt 1745-Yes, date unknown
Mary Ann Freeman
Female 1788-1856
Elizabeth Ford
Female Est 1795-Yes, date unknown
Sarah 'Sally' Farrar
Female Abt 1742-Yes, date unknown
Reuben Ford
Male 1770-1799
John Flournoy
Male Est 1740-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Bibb
Female Est 1742-Yes, date unknown
William9 Farrar
Male Est 1725-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Susannah Bigger
Female Est 1711-1786